New Addiction Treatment Strategies For Teens

Because teens’ bodies, minds, and emotions are rapidly changing, they have special health and wellness needs under the best of circumstances. When you throw an addiction to drugs or alcohol into the mix, teens require highly specialized care that addresses their stage of development and the causes of their addiction.

Addiction treatment is particularly important and challenging for teens because their future is at stake. As well, family members are greatly affected, and education can be impacted. The best treatment programs for teens are those that are focused on specific adolescent substance abuse problems and the co-occurring issues that frequently go hand-in-hand with teen addiction.

Addiction Treatment Strategies for Teens

Learn more about new and important addiction treatment strategies and programs for teenagers.

Early Family Intervention

Even though this isn’t necessarily a “program”, it is an important strategy. The family is closely intertwined with a teenager who is struggling with addiction. Family members are often the first to notice a problem, and early intervention can often be beneficial before a substance abuse turns into a more complex problem of addiction. When possible, doing an early family intervention, that is successful, is key to the effective long-term recovery and prevention of relapse for teenagers.

Youth-Centered Treatment Approach

Unfortunately, many rehab centers either don’t accept teens for treatment, or they utilize a cookie-cutter program for all of their clients, regardless of age. For teens facing substance abuse and addiction, an adult treatment program may not address their specific needs. The teen years are full of many changes throughout the transition to adulthood. There is cognitive, physical and emotional development taking place. Thus, treatment must be geared to address these developmental issues along with overcoming addiction.

Motivation-Focused Addiction Treatment

Motivation-focused therapy combines treatments including cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. CBT encourages teenagers to develop an undesirable view of their addiction, while creating a desire to adjust their own behaviors.

Without the experience and level of maturity to truly understand the long-term ramifications of addiction, teens often struggle with more adult-focused treatment. Research has shown that an approach that is more motivation-focused can offer better results with sustaining long-term recovery.

Successfully Utilizing Family Therapy

Family involvement is essential in helping a teen overcome addiction. Programs that specialize in alcohol and drug treatment for teens will often include family therapy, family group meetings, as well as individualized programs to meet the specific needs of both the teen and their family.

Along with family-based services, a quality teen-focused addiction treatment program will also include a thorough evaluation, education, individual psychotherapy, teen group meetings and urine screening.

Is Your Teen Abusing Drugs or Alcohol?

It can be devastating to witness your child struggle with substance abuse and addiction. You may be searching for answers and unclear of where to turn for help. The first step is speaking with an addiction specialist. At Serenity at Summit, we are available 24/7 to answer your questions and to help your child in their journey to recovery with our clinical and holistic, individualized teen rehab program.

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