Why Alcoholics Should Not Social Drink – One Drink Can Lead to More

Alcoholism is commonly referred to as a lifetime condition, and many consider those in recovery to be lifelong alcoholics. Yet, many who are entering an alcohol treatment center wonder if they will ever be able to drink again, even on just a social basis.

Understanding Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol dependence or alcoholism is defined by four primary symptoms:

  1. The urge to drink
  2. Not being able to stop drinking once you’ve begun
  3. Withdrawal symptoms when you’ve stopped drinking
  4. The need to drink an increasing amount to get drunk

Alcoholism is also defined as a chronic disease with oftentimes cravings so strong that an individual will sacrifice their wellbeing, family, career, and safety just to get another drink. There is no debate that alcohol is powerfully addictive. And, many people who try to quit are not capable of doing so.

Just One Drink? Over-Confidence Can Lead to Relapse

Despite the dangers of alcoholism and the risk of relapse, many individuals who are in recovery choose to take another drink or drink “only” socially. This happens for a variety of reasons. For some, they gain confidence in their ability to stay sober and decide that they are capable of having “just one” as a way of showing their power over alcohol. This often leads to another drink and another drink. Before long, the over-confident individual has returned to daily use.

Prompted by a Trigger

Others find themselves reacting to a specific trigger or bump in the road of life and decide to seek comfort in just one drink. Like those who are over-confident, the individual who seeks solace in the bottle will likely relapse back into full-blown alcoholism.

Consider the Reasons for Wanting to Drink

Treatment and long-term recovery is not an easy process. It’s an achievement to get sober and stay sober. By taking a post-recovery drink, it is often just throwing away the hard work that has been completed.

If you are thinking about taking a drink or believe you can handle drinking alcohol again, carefully consider why you would ever risk having to start over in your recovery. Yes, it can be challenging to be the only person at a party without a glass of alcohol in-hand, and it may seem like a good idea to have a drink when you’re feeling blue about a particular situation. Yet, the short-term pay-off of drinking means nothing compared to the long-term benefits of staying sober.

Have You Relapsed or Need Help With Your Recovery?

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