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The Consequences of Letting Kids Drink Alcohol at Grad Parties

Completing high school is one of life’s most memorable moments and biggest achievements, which is often punctuated with celebrations with friends and family. While high school graduates are officially heading into young adulthood, this doesn’t mean the celebration with alcohol has to automatically co-occur. It has become commonplace for parents, often in an effort to […]

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New Addiction Treatment Strategies For Teens

Because teens’ bodies, minds, and emotions are rapidly changing, they have special health and wellness needs under the best of circumstances. When you throw an addiction to drugs or alcohol into the mix, teens require highly specialized care that addresses their stage of development and the causes of their addiction. Addiction treatment is particularly important […]

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What Causes Teen Alcohol Addiction?

A recent study has revealed the link between child abuse and teen alcoholism. While there are many factors that contribute to addiction and alcoholism, the study shows a strong correlation between certain types of childhood abuse and neglect and alcoholism in teens. Types of Abuse and Neglect When many people think of child abuse, they […]

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