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How Meditation Can Strengthen Recovery

While recovery is a relief from active addiction for most people, it isn’t without its own challenges. It can be very stressful for those who are new in recovery to deal with cravings, rebuild relationships, and clean up the wreckage that their addiction caused, all while trying to hang onto their newfound sobriety. Part of […]

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Nutrition In Rehab

Eating well can be both tasty and interesting, as this Apple Pie with Roses recipe demonstrates. If you want to stick to a healthy eating plan as part of your nutrition in rehab plan, you’ll want to include a variety of colors, tastes and textures as part of your diet. Try this recipe if you […]

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Impact Of Nutrition In Rehab On Recovery

Most people, who suffer with drug or alcohol addiction problems, don’t tend to look after other areas of their health. Usually, once these individuals arrive for treatment, it is apparent that they do not have regular or healthy nutrition habits. We work with our clients to teach healthy eating habits and help them see the […]

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