Improving Addiction Treatment in the BIPOC Community

Improving Addiction Treatment in the BIPOC Community In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the need for more equitable and inclusive addiction treatment for the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community. While addiction affects individuals from all backgrounds, the BIPOC community often faces unique challenges and systemic barriers that can […]

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Program Spotlight: Intensive Outpatient Program – Intensive, Yet Flexible Treatment

Addiction treatment is not something that a person starts, participates in for a set time, and then can declare him or herself “finished” or “cured.” The term “recovering” addict or alcoholic has been chosen for good reason – the process is ongoing. Discover how our intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) provides early and ongoing addiction […]

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Could Access To Medicaid-Approved Inpatient Addiction Treatment Soon Be Expanded?

For years, low-income individuals have relied on state and local sources to seek addiction treatment. Now, thanks to a recent federal proposal, families with few financial resources can get the help they need. If this proposal goes through, Medicaid, funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, may channel federal dollars into addiction treatment […]

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