Overcoming Mental Illness and Addiction

The relationship between mental illness and addiction is complex, and the treatment of individuals with these co-occurring disorders, (also known as dual-diagnosis) is even more complicated than the treatment of either condition alone. Dealing with alcoholism, substance abuse or drug abuse is never easy. It is even more difficult if one is also struggling with a mental health issue.

Struggling With Mental Illness and Addiction

Certain groups of individuals with mental health issues, such as males, the poor, military veterans and those with a more general medical condition, have a higher likelihood of abusing alcohol or drugs such as opiates, marijuana, cocaine and other stimulants.

In fact, scientific studies show that nearly one-third of individuals with all mental conditions and approximately 50% of individuals with severe mental conditions, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, also experience substance abuse problems. Conversely, more than a half of all drug addicts and more than a third of all alcoholics are also battling mental illness.

Relationship Between Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Many people use alcohol and drugs as a form of self-medication. Thus, individuals with untreated or partially treated mental conditions such as depression or anxiety may opt to self-medicate rather than seek a mental health treatment. Unfortunately, this only makes the problem worse.

Alcohol and drugs often worsen the underlying mental condition. This happens both during acute intoxication and during the withdrawal process. I.e., during intoxication, a person with depression can become suicidal. A drug addict with panic attacks, on the other hand, may experience worsening symptoms during the withdrawal process.

Substance abuse can also cause an individual without a mental condition to experience the onset of symptoms.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

We provide detoxification and treatment with the appropriate medications to avoid withdrawal complications. Once our patients are safely detoxed from alcohol and drugs, we then begin the treatment of the underlying mental illness. We believe that treatment of dual-diagnosis is more effective once one is adequately sober and better able to participate in treatment.

Our outpatient mental illness and addiction treatment helps clients:

  • Overcome alcohol and drug addiction
  • Learn how to maintain sobriety
  • Gain support and guidance

Our treatment program also offers help and support for family members who are affected by the addict’s behavior. Our family care includes family education, individual family therapy sessions, parents support group, and multiple family group.

With proper treatment, self-help strategies and support, clients who are suffering from dual-diagnosis can reclaim their lives.

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