5 Tips To Stay Sober During This Holiday Season

Many individuals who are new to recovery dread the start of the holiday season. It’s a season when many feel down or depressed. As well, temptation is easy to find at holiday parties and get-togethers. The key is to embrace a few strategies to help you strengthen your resolve to stay sober.

Tips To Stay Sober During This Holiday Season

The following are five tips to help you stay strong and avoid relapse when others are toasting to the season.

1. Continue To Attend Meetings

Yes, it’s a busy time of year, but don’t be tempted to skip meetings. This is exactly when you need the support that meetings provide. It’s easy to begin feeling “left out” when you’re surrounded by friends and family who are drinking. By having a place to go to where others are experiencing what you are, you can get the support you need to avoid a relapse.

2. Avoid Familiar Triggers

Family members and friends are often triggers for those who are struggling with sobriety. It’s important to communicate where you’re at in your journey of recovery. Enjoy time with those who accept and respect your sobriety, and avoid the individuals who have the potential of causing you to relapse.

3. Remove Expectations

The holidays may look and feel different when you’re in recovery. That’s ok. Don’t get hung up on what used to be or what things should be. Stay focused on doing what you need to now to stay happy and healthy.

4. Give To Others

Although you may be going through challenges, there are others who have less than you. It can boost your mood and your self-esteem to serve others. Why not start a new holiday tradition to volunteer your time? This may become a part of your holiday season that you’ll continue year after year to remind yourself that you have much to give and to be grateful for.

5. Enjoy The Season

When you’re in a drug or alcohol-induced haze, you miss all that is magical about the holidays. This year, enjoy the lights on houses, delight in children opening up gifts, or take a brisk, winter walk while enjoying some of your favorite holiday songs. There’s much to appreciate when you’re sober!

Help Is Available – Just Reach Out

Are you struggling with alcohol or drug addiction this holiday season? Help is available. You just need to reach out. Summit Behavioral Health offers personalized treatment programs that are customized for your individual needs and goals. We will help support your entire recovery journey. By Taking This Important First Step In Your Recovery, You Will Give Yourself And Those Who Love You The Greatest Holiday Gift Possible.

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