5 Stages Of Addiction Recovery As An External Process

Continued From Part 1: 5 Stages Of Addiction Recovery As An External Process

While addiction recovery certainly has internal phases that range from denial and acceptance to commitment and long-term recovery, recovery also has very clear external phases that can propel individuals battling addiction towards hope and reassurance.

Let’s discuss the five states of addiction recovery as an external process and how an individual works through them.

Five External Stages Of Addiction Recovery

1. Withdrawal/Detox

Once an individual stops abusing drugs or alcohol, there is a significant impact on physical health. At first, there are often symptoms of withdrawal. These can be unpleasant and even painful, but they are not long-lasting. In fact, many individuals begin to start feeling improved health within the first week of recovery. In addition, many detox programs, such as ours include medical supervision and holistic therapies to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal.

2. Better Sleep

One of the most remarkable external signs of addiction recovery is improved, more restful sleep. Alcohol and drugs can seriously impact sleep quality. Over time, sleep disturbances from substance abuse can cause chronic fatigue. With recovery, there is almost always better sleep which leads to greater daytime alertness and vitality, along with improved cognitive abilities.

3. Enhanced Health Benefits

Drugs and alcohol can wreak havoc on nearly every part of one’s body from vital organs and systems to teeth, hair and skin tone. Even in the earliest stages of recovery, there can be tremendous improvements to physical health which can help provide encouragement during the first days, weeks and months when relapse is most likely to happen. These improvements can be helped along through a professional addiction treatment program that integrates holistic treatments such as nutrition and exercise.

4. Hope For The Future

Positive health improvements and a more optimistic outlook on life give tremendous hope for continuing down the road of recovery. Renewed relationships and possibly new friendships from recovery groups, as well as new career opportunities and beginnings, can help create and sustain ongoing hope for the future.

5. Continuing Holistic Therapies And Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Often, individuals will find that positive practices such as journaling, yoga, going to the gym or meditation have replaced unhealthy addictions. With these new habits comes better mental and physical health that offer tremendous encouragement to continue embracing recovery.

With each passing day, these healthy lifestyle habits including stress-relieving therapies as well as healthy eating and exercising become further engrained in the recovering addict, strengthening their resolve and minimizing the risk of relapse. Countless recovering addicts have gone on to lead healthy, productive lives thanks in large part to continuing on with the holistic therapies and tools they learned in treatment.

Individualized Holistic Addiction Treatment

By choosing a professional treatment program that offers individualized holistic treatments and real-world relapse prevention tools, you or your loved one will gain the foundation for long-term recovery.

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