AA Is Full Of People Just Like You

When you’re in the early stages of recovery, it’s important to establish the most optimal types of support for your needs to keep you on the right track and to reduce your chances of relapse. Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most common options for recovering alcoholics.

While the AA program can be very beneficial for obtaining support in recovery, many individuals question whether it’s the right place for them. Before you turn away from this free and readily available resource, it’s important to consider its substantial benefits.

The Significant Benefits of AA

You Meet Others in Similar Stages of Recovery

One of the fundamental aspects of AA is being in the company of others who are in similar stages of recovery. You’ll hear others’ stories and can find inspiration and comfort in how they recovered from addiction. Often, you’ll meet new friends who will be part of your new, positive life, free from addiction.

You’ll Gain Insight

In meetings, you can ask people who’ve been in the same situation how they’ve handled certain experiences or situations. You might be amazed at how much is shared and how much help is offered.

There’s No Judgment

In Alcoholics Anonymous, there’s no place for criticism or judgment. Everyone has gone through tough times of their own. You’ll find that by attending regular meetings, you’ll gain confidence in sharing your own story and you’ll have a deep understanding of what others are going through, as well.

You’ll Always Have a Reminder of the Consequences of Using

As you continue in your journey of recovery, you will feel stronger and might even begin to tell yourself that you have control over your alcohol consumption. This is exactly when individuals are at great risk of relapse. Through 12 step meetings, you will always be reminded of just how powerful addiction is and why you should always be proactive in protecting your recovery.

Often, individuals in recovery will develop a comprehensive plan for their recovery which includes extended outpatient group therapy, Alcoholics Anonymous, and holistic activities. Together, they can help reduce the risk of relapse and create a new, healthier life that is positive, connected, and healthy.

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