Entertainment Tonight Features Maria Ulmer And Serenity At Summit


Summit and Maria Ulmer were recently featured on national celebrity show, Entertainment Tonight(Viewership: 4.5 million), in a segment highlighting Kim Richard’s struggle with addiction.

The segment described Kim’s struggle with alcohol addiction and depression, while stating that despite finishing her program in rehab just a month earlier, Kim was arrested for shoplifting this week.

As the lead expert in this segment, Maria Ulmer (who has not directly treated Kim), provides insight for viewers about alcohol addiction.

Maria states that “this kind of behavior is linked to substance abuse” and explains that “cross addiction abuse” – when someone puts aside one addiction (such as alcohol, for Kim) and “goes to another behavior like shopping, eating, gambling, that will take its place and create that euphoric feeling, the rush, the adrenaline”. Maria also talks about the struggles of coping and how Kim can “find recovery that sticks”.

Maria did a fantastic job in the segment, and was credited as an “Addiction Specialist at Summit.”Watch the full Entertainment Tonight segment below:

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