How To Grow Spiritually, Holistically: Summit’s Lydia Lipsy Writes For U.s. News & World Report

Serenity at Summit’s own Lydia Lipsy, MSW, LSW, Clinician at our Florham Park, NJ location, shares her voice and insight as a guest author on a byline article featured on U.S. News & World Report, titled, How to Nurture Your Spiritual Self.

As spring is among us, the focus on peace and spirituality is in full bloom. Now is the time to slow down and focus not on staying busy, but on healing and health. This starts with nurturing and growing spiritually.

Lydia Lipsy Offers Simple Ways To Grow Spiritually

In the article, Lydia provides tangible ways to both nurture and grow your spirit, connect with yourself on a deeper level and achieve mindfulness in the modern and fast-paced world. Her valuable suggestions include:

Taking the Time to Rest – We’ve all heard the religious saying, “Sunday, the day of rest”. But have you ever actually ever truly thought about it, or taken head to it? Lydia shares that having a real day of rest, which does not include work (professional or house), running around making errands, etc. but real, serene rest, can truly help to reset your internal spiritual and mental being.

Practice Holistic Therapies – Spiritual and calming techniques such as mindful meditation can help decrease stress, improve quality of sleep, strengthen the immune system and much more. Lydia also touches on the fact that the holistic methodology is gaining ground in the addiction treatment world.

Find Reasons to Be Grateful – Starting each morning with a grateful heart and spirit can positively influence the rest of your day. Reminding yourself of what you have and what you’re grateful for, Lydia states, “Is a simple way to open up your spirit to good”.

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Addiction Treatment With A Holistic Approach

Within Serenity at Summit’s addiction treatment model, we focus on both a clinical and holistic approach to recovery. Our holistic therapies include 12 step, mindful meditation, yoga, acupuncture, massage and much more.

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