Here at Serenity at Summit, we provide detoxification services to those that need medical supervision as they rid their bodies of addictive substances. This may include medications to deal with withdrawal symptoms or even a tapering method to wean clients off of the substance in the safest way possible. Not all substance abuse disorders require a medical detox, but it is important for your body to be free from the substance before starting clinical treatment.

Acute Treatment Services

We provide Addiction Treatment Services (ATS) at our location in Haverhill, Massachusetts. ATS is similar to detox in that it entails ridding the body of addictive chemicals and substances through various techniques to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort.

Residential Treatment

After detox, the next step is to enter residential treatment. If clients have detoxed at our location in Union, NJ, they can simply transition straight to the residential program at the same center. In this stage, clients will live at the facility in comfortable accommodations while taking part in individual and group therapy to identify and address the psychological and social roots of addiction.

Clinical Stabilization Services

We offer Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS) from our facility in Haverhill, Massachusetts. CSS is an analog of residential treatment because it involves having the client stay at the facility while participating in clinical therapy.

Outpatient Programs

Here at Serenity, we provide outpatient treatment in the New Jersey city of Princeton Junction. Many people who finish residential or clinical stabilization services choose to stay plugged into treatment through outpatient care, which has levels based on how much time the client spends in treatment each week. The best way to stay accountable and prevent relapse is to make sure you transition to one of our outpatient centers.

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