5 Things To Be Thankful For In Recovery

At this time of year when people are focused on the blessings in their lives and what they are thankful for, you may be wondering what someone in recovery can contribute to that type of conversation. Addicts are just like everyone else, and they have things that they can feel positive about in their lives. Focusing on these aspects can help to keep them focused as they walk the road to long-term sobriety.

Things To Be Thankful For In Recovery

1. Friends And Family

Your friends and family are the people who know you best. If you were fortunate enough to have them stand by you while you went through treatment, you are truly blessed.

You may be working through some issues with some of them, but you can still be thankful for good times you have shared in the past and be hopeful for the new memories you may share in the future.

2. Ability To Work

Addicts who are actively using may have found that holding down a job was challenging or have been unable to work at all. A sober lifestyle means being able to be productive and support one’s self and go for your goals!

3. Chance To Regain Health

Addiction is a thief that will rob you of all that is precious, including your physical health. As you embrace a life that is free from the influence of chemicals, you have the chance to get your health back on track. Your treatment program will likely have taught you how to look after your physical, emotional and spiritual health, and you now have the chance to keep up those practices going forward. Looking after yourself properly feels good, and you are worth it.

4. Hobbies And Social Activities

One of the signs of addiction is pulling away from activities that used to be enjoyable. Getting sober means that you can start to enjoy hobbies and social activities again, or develop some new interests and ways to spend your leisure time.

5. Hope

Now that the addiction has moved from actively using into recovery, you have hope. The future has possibilities where none may have existed before. There are things to look forward to, plans to be made, and your life now stretches out before you.

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