What Are The Benefits Of Self Help Groups?

At first glance, it may be difficult to determine why someone with a problem of drug and/or alcohol abuse would choose to open themselves up to a group of strangers by saying, “My name is, [blank], and I am an alcoholic” […or an addict, as the case may be]. Admitting to one’s self that there is a substance abuse problem is hard, and the benefits of self-help groups may not be immediately apparent to someone looking at them from the outside.

This is why we decided to share some of the many benefits of self-help groups.

Benefits of Self-Help Groups

The following are several key benefits of recovery self-help groups.

Regular Attendance Increases Self-Efficacy

Self-efficacy is the belief that people have in their own ability to achieve goals. The higher this level is, the more confident a person is that he or she will be able to succeed at something. One of the casualties of addiction is a person’s self-esteem and self-efficacy. Grouptherapy is a means of restoring it.

The addiction is a serious matter, but it, in itself, does not make a person awful or beyond redemption. This is learned in group therapy.

Provides Participants with Social Contact

Living in recovery can be quite isolating, especially in early recovery. It is not healthy for people to continue to have relationships with the friends they had when they were drinking or using who shared that lifestyle. It is simply too tempting to slip into old habits again.

Spending time in a room with people who are going through similar issues helps participants to feel as though they are not alone. They can also see that others understand exactly what they’re going through. This is a much healthier form of social contact.

Decreases the Odds of a Relapse

Attending group meetings, getting support from other members, and seeing for themselves that a sober lifestyle can be achieved over a long-term in spite of life stresses is inspiring to members. Attendees are not simply “talking the talk,” they know exactly what it feels like to commit to the lifestyle change involved in getting help for their addiction and keep following through even when life throws a curve ball at them.

Open to Everyone

No special preparation or knowledge is required to attend a self-help group. They welcome anyone who suffering and is in need of help. It doesn’t matter if a participant in the group has had a setback or relapse. Group members can come back and start again.

Group therapy is just one of the treatment methods used here at Summit Behavioral Health to help effectively treat drug and alcohol addiction.

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