Treatment Dynamics And Summit Behavioral Health Announce New Partnership


With much anticipation, Treatment Dynamics and Summit Behavioral Health have just announced their new partnership! Now, experience meets a holistic, dynamic approach, promising to provide an unsurpassed addiction treatment experience to both adolescents and adults! Learn more:

“Treatment Dynamics, recently celebrating twenty years of providing quality addiction treatment, has joined ranks with the most dynamic, up and coming substance abuse treatment organization in NJ.

Summit Behavioral Health, with locations in Doylestown PA, Princeton Junction, and a residential detox in Union, NJ will join with Treatment Dynamics facilities in Florham Park and Newton, NJ. With plans to develop a network of detox facilities, outpatient centers and residential treatment centers in the near future, this merger promises a system of care that will provide an unprecedented level of quality treatment to both adolescents and adults suffering from substance abuse and related problems.

There is currently a centralized admissions center, transportation at all sites and the integration of psychiatric, medical, and a large emphasis on holistic services throughout the system. This will allow for unified treatment with dignity throughout the state.

Tom Allen, the CEO/co-founder of Summit Behavioral Health brings business savvy and a passion to provide quality service. Nelson Hadler, the executive director of Treatment Dynamics, brings thirty years of experience and a dynamic approach to treatment. This combination promises to reinvent the treatment experience for those seeking help in battling the devastating illness of addiction.”

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