The Highest Quality Of Recovery Care

At Affordable Prices

If Serenity at Summit is a good fit for your recovery journey, we don’t want to withhold care because it’s going to be a struggle to pay for. We want to make it work for you! We’re committed to providing rehab clients with the highest quality of expert care at a price that aligns with their budget. When you contact Summit for drug or alcohol rehab services, there are a number of ways we can get you squared away with paying for the necessary length and volume of care:

Insurance Coverage For Drug And Alcohol Rehab Treatment

We Accept Most Major Medical

Serenity at Summit is in network for a great variety of health insurance providers. That means there’s a good chance you can get a majority of your rehabilitation care paid for by your insurance company. Your provider will usually cover you up to a certain dollar amount, and it will usually approve a certain length of coverage. Did your insurance company not cover you for the full amount of care you require? That’s OK, we have avenues of bridging the gap, and we’re open with how exactly we make that happen. Read below.

Private Pay For Drug Rehab Care

Affordable Options For All Levels Of Care

If you want to bypass insurance or you’re only approved for a portion of the desired care, we accept private pay for rehab services at any of our facilities, and we’re flexible with how that can work for you. For clients who plan to receive our intensive outpatient services on an ongoing basis and are paying out of pocket, we generally accept payment month to month. When clients have completed a treatment program as approved by their insurance provider, we work with them on private payment if they wish to receive continued rehab services. Summit counselors are eager to find a solution for clients seeking affordable addiction treatment care and trying to pay for all or part of it privately.

Financing Your Rehab Services

No Insurance – Can’t Do Private Pay – That’s OK

Of course, not all clients who are utilizing our private pay option will be able to absorb the entire cost of their addiction recovery program up front. Not to worry: We offer financing on your rehab services so you can start getting treatment quickly and worry about paying for the venture at your own pace! At Serenity at Summit, you’ll get a great value on your effective, evidence-based recovery services provided by a talented team of medical professionals.

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