Discover drug treatment programs and services with your Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab coverage. Uncover the diverse array of support provided by Serenity at Summit, available to members of Horizon BCBSNJ on the journey to overcoming substance use disorder (SUD). Gain insights into coverage specifics, various drug counseling programs, and the route toward a healthier, addiction-free life.

What is Substance Use Disorder (SUD)?

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a complicated condition characterized by the repetitive use of drugs or alcohol despite negative consequences. It’s a chronic mental health disorder that involves an irresistible and often uncontrollable urge to use substances, leading to harmful behaviors. The severity of SUD ranges from mild to severe and can involve the misuse of legal and illegal substances.

People with SUD may face difficulties in controlling or reducing their substance use and may continue to use them despite knowing the potential risks to their physical and mental health. The disorder often changes behavior, relationships, and overall functioning and can result in dual diagnosis, the simultaneous presence of an SUD and mental health condition.

SUD treatment usually involves a combination of medical intervention strategies, therapy, counseling, and support groups where participants can share SUD recovery success stories. These comprehensive approaches to treatment address the physical, psychological, and social aspects of drug addiction.1

Statistics on SUD and Drug Addiction in New Jersey

(Substance Use Disorder) SUD in adolescents is a concern, as 7.7% of children (12 to 17) report recent illicit drug use. Given that 90% of those meeting clinical addiction criteria initiated substance use before 18, this is particularly alarming. Although drug-related deaths in individuals under forty have declined, overdoses are still the primary cause of death among young people.

New Jersey faces an elevated risk of illicit drug distribution due to criminal organizations operating within its borders. In 2022, SUD treatment providers recorded 85,266 admissions, with 69% being male. Newark, with heightened overdose rates, reflects a statewide trend, notably impacting the Black community. On a positive note, individuals aged 18 to 25 are 6.05% less likely to engage in drug use compared to the national average in the same age group.

Exploring New Jersey and its Famous Cities

Situated along the Atlantic Coast, New Jersey is characterized by geographical diversity, encompassing coastal, urban, and rural landscapes. Its distinctive character is shaped by notable cities, including Newark—the largest city celebrated for its cultural and economic prominence, featuring historic architecture. Jersey City stands out as a financial hub along the Hudson River, offering breathtaking views.

Hoboken exudes lively charm along its waterfront, while Trenton, the capital, holds historical significance. Asbury Park, a vibrant seaside city, is renowned for its eclectic arts scene, historic boardwalk, and lively music culture. Union City is recognized for its diverse communities, Atlantic City for its entertainment and casinos, and Princeton for its prestigious university. The fusion of urban excitement and natural beauty across these cities defines the unique appeal of The Garden State.

Who is Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (BCBSNJ) was founded in 1932 and has grown to become a leading health insurance provider committed to enhancing the health and well-being of its members. They provide a broad range of health plans, such as medical, dental, and prescription drug coverage, to deliver top-quality, convenient healthcare services.2

As the largest health insurance provider in the state, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey caters to millions of members through an extensive network of healthcare providers. This non-profit organization is devoted to improving its members’ and communities’ health and well-being. Their dedication is evident through a commitment to innovation, incorporating digital health solutions, and collaborative efforts with healthcare partners to enhance the overall healthcare experience. Emphasizing preventive care and wellness initiatives, Horizon BCBSNJ aims to ensure that quality healthcare is accessible and affordable for individuals and families throughout New Jersey.3

Some BCBS Brands and Services in New Jersey

The Garden State residents can delve into a diverse array of health coverage options, brands, products, and services through Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. Through individual and group plans, along with cutting-edge wellness and mental health solutions, Horizon BCBSNJ offers several brands, products, and services, including the following:

  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is one of the state’s largest, most prominent BCBS brands. They offer various insurance plans, such as individual/family, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid.
  • Omnia Health Plans allows the insured to choose any hospital, participating physician, healthcare professional, or ancillary provider within the Horizon healthcare network.4
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Basic and Essential Plans offer lower-cost health insurance options to individuals and families.
  • The BlueCard Program allows the insured to access medical services from providers in other states and receive coverage benefits from their home plan.5
  • Horizon Direct Access® is a health insurance option allowing individuals to seek healthcare services from both in-network and out-of-network providers without referrals.6
  • Dental and Vision Plans from Horizon BCBS of New Jersey often provide dental and vision insurance options as add-ons or standalone policies.
  • Medicare Plans include Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans to meet the needs of senior citizens and those eligible for Medicare.
  • Wellness Programs assist members in sustaining a healthy lifestyle, encompassing incentives for fitness and preventive care benefits.
  • Telehealth Services provide access to medical and mental health consultations remotely.
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Pharmacy services and prescription drug coverage include access to a pharmacy network.7
  • Behavioral Health Services covers addiction and mental health services, including therapy, counseling, and rehabilitation programs.
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program (FEP) offers New Jersey federal employees and retirees health insurance plans.8
  • Horizon MyWay allows members to customize their coverage based on their specific needs.9
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation for New Jersey supports initiatives to improve healthcare and address health disparities in the state.10

What is Horizon BCBS of NJ Substance Abuse Rehab Coverage?

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey provides comprehensive coverage for substance abuse rehabilitation, offering a range of treatment options, including telemedicine, for members seeking recovery. The insurance includes support for various programs and services at rehabilitation centers like Serenity at Summit, which is dedicated to assisting Horizon BCBSNJ members in overcoming SUD and mental health challenges.11

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey’s substance abuse rehab coverage ensures members have access to the necessary resources, treatments, and support to embark on a path to addiction recovery, reinforcing the commitment to addressing substance abuse issues within its insurance framework.

Does Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Cover Drug Rehab in New Jersey?

Yes, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey provides coverage for drug rehab, offering support and financial assistance for individuals seeking recovery from drug addiction. Members can access a variety of treatment options, including inpatient and outpatient services, therapy sessions, and other rehabilitation programs.

Horizon BCBSNJ’s coverage for drug rehab underscores its commitment to addressing substance use disorder (SUD) as a health concern. Their insurance plans aim to make rehabilitation services more accessible and affordable, enabling you or your loved one to receive the necessary care. Coverage details may vary, so call (844) 326-4514 or check your insurance coverage levels now for more information on the available options and benefits.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Drug Detox

Yes, Horizon BCBS of New Jersey covers drug detoxification as part of its comprehensive substance use disorder treatment services. This coverage supports members in safely managing drug withdrawal symptoms and is a vital component of the provider’s commitment to addiction recovery. The specifics of detox services, including inpatient care, can be obtained by reviewing policy details or calling (844) 326-4514.

Does Horizon BCBS of New Jersey Cover Drug Addiction Counseling?

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey covers drug addiction counseling to support individuals in overcoming substance abuse. You or a loved one can access essential drug counseling services, including individual and group therapy sessions, addressing both the psychological and emotional aspects of drug dependency.

Drug counseling plays a crucial role in addiction treatment by cultivating coping mechanisms and a supportive environment. Details regarding the covered drug abuse counseling that takes Blue Cross Blue Shield and their services can be acquired through a review of policy details or by speaking with one of our helpful and experienced staff members at Serenity at Summit. Call (844) 326-4514.

Other Rehab Programs Covered by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield in New Jersey

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey not only provides coverage for drug counseling and detoxification services but also offers support for a range of drug treatment programs. The upcoming sections will outline the specific drug treatment programs covered by Horizon BCBSNJ, offering insights into the available options when seeking assistance with drug-related health issues.

Drug Addiction Residential Inpatient Rehab

Residential inpatient rehabilitation centers for drug addiction offer an immersive and intensive treatment approach. Unlike outpatient alternatives, this program mandates individuals to reside at a specialized facility, ensuring round-the-clock care, therapy sessions, medical supervision, and a controlled environment to minimize external triggers.

Focused on addressing addiction holistically—covering physical, mental, and emotional aspects—residential inpatient rehab provides a comprehensive recovery journey. Though this is typically covered by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, reviewing plan details for coverage specifics related to the above drug treatment programs is essential. Serenity at Summit is available for assistance; call (844) 326-4514 or check your insurance coverage here.

Drug Addiction Partial Hospitalization Programs

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a structured, intensive treatment option. Unlike traditional outpatient programs, participants in PHPs can return home in the evenings. These programs incorporate a mix of individual and group therapy, medication management, and support services, delivering addiction treatment while accommodating daily responsibilities.

In its commitment to comprehensive addiction treatment, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey typically includes coverage for drug addiction PHPs, emphasizing BCBSNJ’s dedication to supporting individuals on their journey to recovery from addiction. This coverage ensures access to essential programs that provide a supportive environment for those dealing with drug addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) offer the flexibility to reside at home while receiving crucial support for the journey to addiction recovery. These programs feature sessions incorporating individual counseling, group therapy, educational elements, and skill-building exercises, providing a practical approach to recovery without significant disruptions to daily life.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey typically extends coverage for these programs, enhancing accessibility to this beneficial option, ideal for those needing intensive treatment without 24/7 supervision.

Depression Treatment Center in New Jersey That Takes Horizon BCBS

Explore our Union, New Jersey facility and discover a wide array of treatment solutions, from detoxification to outpatient care. Our services stand out due to their personalized programs and minimal staff-to-client ratios, ensuring quality care from our experienced therapists. Our comprehensive rehabilitation services embrace holistic approaches to SUD treatment tailored to tackle the most critical SUD and mental health issues.

To confirm coverage under your Horizon BCBSNJ insurance policy, contact us at (844) 326-4514 or visit our New Jersey facility:

How To Check Horizon BCBS Coverage Levels for Substance Abuse Treatment

Dealing with insurance details and finding drug treatment centers that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield plans can take time and effort. We understand that communicating with your insurance provider involves multiple time-consuming steps and challenges. Let us simplify this process for you. You can get in touch with us by calling (844) 326-4514 or filling out our confidential online form:

Once we’ve contacted your insurance carrier, our team will promptly contact you to review your coverage details. It’s essential to stay well-informed and advocate for your healthcare needs to ensure you receive the necessary coverage. Our team is committed to supporting and guiding you as you make informed decisions regarding addiction recovery and insurance.

How Much Does Drug Addiction Rehab Cost in New Jersey Without Horizon BCBS Insurance?

The cost of rehabilitation through your Horizon BCBSNJ insurance can differ depending on various factors like your policy details, location, and type and duration of treatment required. The estimated cost is around $5,000 for a three-month outpatient rehab program.12 However, it’s important to remember that these figures are estimates subject to variation depending on many factors.

While Horizon BCBSNJ benefits can assist in covering certain rehabilitation expenses, it’s crucial to be aware that you may still bear responsibility for copayments, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket costs. Nevertheless, the primary focus is ensuring access to essential care. If you or a loved one is contemplating mental health or drug addiction rehabilitation, our assistance is available to help you access the necessary care and understand any limitations or exclusions involved. Take a moment today to review your insurance details.

How To Get Horizon BCBS to Pay for Drug Addiction Treatment

To initiate the process of having Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) cover drug addiction treatment, begin by understanding your specific insurance plan and its coverage details. Contact us to access information about your benefits, including services such as detoxification, counseling, and any other relevant components. Understanding the extent of coverage will help you navigate the treatment options available.

Once you have clarity on your coverage, work closely with the healthcare professionals and treatment facilities involved. Ensure they communicate directly with Horizon BCBSNJ to obtain pre-authorization for the proposed treatment plan. This proactive approach helps streamline the approval process and minimizes the risk of denied claims.

Additionally, keep detailed records of all communications with your insurance provider, including names, dates, and summaries of conversations, to have a thorough documentation trail throughout the process. Stay informed about any changes in your insurance coverage and promptly address issues that may arise during treatment.

Drug Use Statistics in New Jersey

  • According to the latest statistics, 7.7% of children aged 12 to 17 living in New Jersey have used illicit drugs, including marijuana, within the last month. This is a concerning figure, especially when you consider that 90% of those who meet the clinical criteria for addiction began using substances before the age of 18.13
  • As per the National Drug Intelligence Center, New Jersey faces a substantial risk of illicit drug distribution, primarily attributed to criminal organizations running illegal distribution networks within the state’s borders.14
  • Newark exhibits some of the highest overdose rates in the state, with a concerning increase in overdose deaths within the Black community, aligning with the broader trend observed across New Jersey.15
  • In 2022, substance use disorder treatment providers in New Jersey reported a total of 85,266 admissions and 84,437 discharges to the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services of the Department of Human Services. Of all the admissions, 69% were male and 31% were female.16
  • There were 2,672 deaths caused by opioid overdose in New Jersey in the year 2021.17
  • Since 2018, the state of New Jersey has seen a reduction in drug-related deaths for people under 40. While overdose fatalities have decreased, it remains the primary cause of death for young individuals.18
  • Individuals aged 18 to 25 in New Jersey are 6.05% less likely to use drugs compared to the national average for the same age group.19
  • In 2019, the New Jersey Department of Health earmarked $250,000 to facilitate paramedics in administering buprenorphine during emergency calls.20
  • Among states, New Jersey holds the 35th position in terms of drug use, with a scale of one representing the highest usage.21

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