The efforts to combat the adverse health and social consequences of substance abuse and dependence have existed for a long time in the United States. Mind-altering substances have been part of reality for humans since the beginning of civilization. 

In some of the earliest scriptures uncovered by historians, there have been indicators showing the use of opioid drugs as narcotic pain relievers, as well as for recreational use. Civilizations sought many of those who enjoyed the psychotropic effects from recreational drug use as a means to increase their chances of survival. These ancient civilizations also realized that it was possible to enjoy and become addicted to certain substances.

Other documents historians have uncovered show that 5,000 years ago, Egyptian records noted that alcohol-addicted individuals were often cared for in private homes or people who provided treatment. Other information uncovered from ancient Greek and Roman sources recommended that alcoholics receive treatment in public or private asylums. 

Human existence is no stranger to substance abuse, and the records uncovered indicate that addiction has been affecting society for as long as we can remember. It begs the question of how treatment centers evolved and who began helping individuals get sober. 

What were some of the best methods? Were the luxurious means of treatment leading up to today more effective than others?

In the late 18th and early 19th century, individuals with an addiction to alcohol were housed in a variety of locations. The people were often referred to as “drunkards” and were frequently incarcerated in local jails. Historians joke about the irony of this because, in these early times, alcohol was often served in prisons. 

Hospitals were also an option for medical care but were limited in number during these times. The more scientists began to learn about alcohol, the better they could provide treatment for it. There were places known as inebriate homes that provided some therapy for alcohol addiction but functioned primarily as a shelter for alcoholics.

Around this time, they began attempting their first attempts at what we know of today as the continuum of care, and local physicians would refer a patient with alcohol addiction to an institution for purposes of detoxification. 

After further evaluation and once the patient was deemed stable, they would be transferred to a facility that provided long-term treatment for addiction. While the numbers are not available about how many people were able to abstain from alcohol, the earliest treatment centers for alcohol addiction were far from luxurious, but they provided an essential service that individuals needed to save their lives. Let’s delve a little deeper and determine if luxury drug rehab is indeed more effective than standard treatment.

What Is Luxury Rehab?

In 2014, around 20 million people over 18 had a substance use disorder in the United States. Only about 2.5 million of those people received treatment, which is about 7.5 percent of the people that need treatment. 

There are several barriers to treatment, including a lack of insurance, the fear that treatment will be difficult and painful, and a person’s own readiness to change. Addiction treatment is hard work. Breaking chemical dependence can be unpleasant, causing uncomfortable physical and psychological symptoms. After that, addressing underlying issues and developing a relapse prevention strategy in addiction treatment takes time and effort. 

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), remaining in treatment for the proper amount of time for your needs is important to ensure that treatment is effective. However, many people prematurely end their treatment when cravings become too intense, or some other factor causes them to want to leave. However, there are some approaches to treatment that can help encourage you to stay and complete your treatment, and one of those is luxury rehab.

There are a wide variety of treatment centers where you can go through an effective treatment program, but a luxury rehab would ideally take the evidence-based principles of effective treatment, and apply them in a luxurious treatment setting. 

Luxury rehab will feel more comfortable and accommodating than typical addiction treatment settings. While many rehab centers have a clinical atmosphere like a doctor’s office or hospital, luxury rehabs tend to feel more like resorts or spas. Luxury residential programs may have comfortable rooms with larger hotel-style beds. But besides bright decor and comfortable furniture, luxury rehab centers will also offer a wider range of amenities than other treatment centers, including:

  • Supplementary treatment options. While your treatment program should be rooted in evidence-based therapies, luxury rehabs may offer alternative therapies as supplements to your main treatment. This can include yoga, art therapy, and other engaging therapy options.
  • Nutrition and gourmet meals. Nutrition is an important part of addiction treatment. Many people go into treatment malnourished, without experience in cooking healthy meals for themselves. Luxury rehab facilities might have gourmet chefs and trained nutritionists on staff to help in this area.
  • Pools and exercise areas. While you’re in detox, you might not be able to take advantage of some amenities like pools that can be dangerous while you experience acute withdrawal or post-acute withdrawal symptoms. However, in residential treatment, exercise opportunities can be a healthy and invigorating part of your recovery. 

Who Needs Rehab?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), illicit drug use in the United States has been steadily increasing. As of 2013, an estimated 24.6 million Americans aged 12 or older — 9.4 percent of the population — had used an illicit drug in the past month. The number was up from 8.3 percent in 2002. The drug that has increased these numbers significantly is marijuana. However, the opioid crisis has contributed to a massive influx also.

While the numbers continue to rise regarding drug use, a significant amount of drug users will never get the professional treatment they require. A relatively small number of those are stuck in the grips of drug addiction (2.6 million) will get help, while the number of people (23.5 million) needs help. 

If there is a silver lining to drug addiction in these modern times, it is the number of substance use treatment options available to us. 

Addiction Treatment Amenities

The stigma surrounding addiction is decreasing as the general public becomes keener and educated about the topic. What this does is allow individuals to feel safer about their choice of attending rehab. While some facilities may offer basic detox services at a limited cost, other facilities include weeks of therapy and healing post-detox. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you will find luxury resort-style centers that promise a relaxing treatment process. 

You should never let the concern over which facility to choose or a lack of choices stop you from moving forward. For some, the bare minimum will be necessary, but others may require luxury services. Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and you must decide what is best for your current needs.

Luxury Treatment Facilities

NIDA reports that there are more than 14,500 facilities in the United States that provide addiction treatment combined with therapy. Not all facilities will be classified as luxury, but the popularity of the trend is on the rise. 

During a stay at a luxury rehab resort, there is special consideration given to the client’s needs during detox. Many of those who admit themselves will take advantage of the gourmet meal options and spa-like services. These techniques will allow for relaxation during the withdrawal process, which is notoriously uncomfortable. 

In theory, it sounds like a feasible option for someone requiring additional pampering, but it will not protect someone from falling victim to statistics. Nearly 40 to 60 percent of clients will relapse post-treatment. Additional amenities cannot always prepare someone for what they will expect outside of the realm of their luxury treatment. 

Security is often heightened for luxury treatment centers, and it will be apparent immediately by the increased number of staff members. Those who can afford to stay at these centers are in a position that requires additional privacy. 

Celebrities account for some of the people who enter into treatment but are not the majority. Clients are also screened more carefully before being admitted. There have been stories where press members will gain access to see a celebrity and get the inside scoop on their treatment.

Things To Consider About Treatment

When you are comparing treatment centers, the importance of mental health care services should be the most crucial part of what is looked at. While luxury treatment centers can offer amenities other places cannot, the level of care and how the facilities treat mental health care is of top significance. Fifty-three percent of people who struggle with drug addiction, and 37 percent who struggle with alcoholism, are also dealing with mental illness.

There’s little data to show that high-end facilities offer better mental health care than that offered at standard facilities. Yes, there may be a higher level of attention to detail at a luxury treatment center, but when it comes to addiction, a higher price tag does not necessarily equate to superior care. Clinicians at all levels of care have the desire to ensure the client gets the help they need despite the cost. In many cases, it is a life or death situation, and clinicians want to see their clients succeed.

The best treatment center is one that will sit down with a client and learn about their individual needs and requirements. The most effective care is tailored to one’s specific needs, and sometimes, you don’t need massages or gourmet food to get sober.

The most important part of treatment is focusing on yourself and learning about what encourages these addictive behaviors. Is luxury drug rehab more effective than standard treatment? There is no definitive answer to that question, but it depends on your requirements. 

If you need less as a person, you will find that standard treatment will be more effective; if you are someone who enjoys the more exceptional things in life, than a luxury treatment center may be the ideal option.

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Addiction is a complicated disease, and if it’s left untreated, it can start to take over multiple aspects of your life, including your health, relationships, and finances. Because it’s progressive, it’s best to address it early before it has a chance to lead to some of the most severe consequences that are associated with addiction. However, treatment is available to anyone who needs it, no matter where they are in the disease of addiction. Learn more about addiction treatment and your luxury rehab options to start your road to recovery as soon as possible.

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