Cigna provides individual, family, and group insurance plans to New Jersey residents, offering potential coverage for drug, alcoholism, and mental health rehabilitation costs based on specific factors. This coverage may encompass either the entire expense or a portion of it. This page will guide you in accessing rehabilitation services and information in New Jersey.

Addiction and Mental Health Statistics in New Jersey

Substance use disorders affect approximately 6.1% of New Jersey residents, emphasizing the need for accessible treatment programs in the state, while the cost of residential rehab averages around $56,570, highlighting the financial commitment often associated with seeking treatment. A 2019 substance abuse overview identified the most commonly abused illicit drugs in the state, including heroin, other opiates, cocaine, and marijuana.

Throughout 2022, certain weeks in New Jersey exhibited a concerning trend of over 75 opioid overdose-related deaths, underscoring the severity of the opioid crisis in the state. In 2021, the number of individuals admitted to treatment facilities increased to 87,745, indicating a growing demand for addiction treatment services. The primary reason for seeking inpatient care in New Jersey is related to opioid maintenance and detoxification, with patients often receiving medications like methadone to manage withdrawal symptoms.

Exploring New Jersey and its Famous Cities

New Jersey, nestled along the northeastern coast of the United States, is a state with a diverse geographical landscape. Its strategic location between New York City and Philadelphia makes it a prime destination for residents and tourists. From the bustling urban centers to the serene coastal towns, New Jersey offers a remarkable mix of environments.

Newark is the state’s largest city and central transportation hub, boasting a vibrant cultural scene. Just across the Hudson River, Jersey City offers stunning waterfront views and a thriving arts scene. Along the Jersey Shore, Atlantic City is renowned for its iconic boardwalk, vibrant nightlife, and numerous casinos. Trenton, the state capital, showcases historical sites and beautiful parks, while Princeton is famous for its prestigious university and charming town center. Hoboken offers lively streets and breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. Asbury Park is a beachside community celebrated for its music scene and eclectic boardwalk, and Union City, in the New York metropolitan area, provides a rich mix of cultures and a dynamic atmosphere. Exploring New Jersey offers the best urban and coastal worlds in one compact state.

Who is Cigna?

Cigna Corporation, headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, is a global company offering a wide array of insurance plans, such as Medicare, dental, disability, and international health coverage. Their services extend to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide and the United States.¹

Established in 1982 through the merger of Connecticut General Life Insurance Company and the Insurance Company of North America,² Cigna is dedicated to enhancing the well-being and peace of mind of the individuals they serve. They aim to achieve this by reducing costs, enhancing stability, and simplifying the healthcare process.

Additionally, Cigna is committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainability, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. They are actively implementing sustainability initiatives, such as waste and water reduction, investment in renewable energy, and promoting sustainable sourcing practices.³

Some of Cigna Brands and Services in New Jersey

Cigna in New Jersey, a leading global health services organization, presents diverse brands, products, and services tailored to foster overall well-being and deliver comprehensive healthcare solutions for individuals and organizations. Here is an overview of some of Cigna’s offerings in the New Jersey region:

  • Cigna Health Insurance: Cigna extends health insurance plans, encompassing medical, dental, and vision care, for individuals and families.
  • Cigna Global Health Benefits: This division offers health insurance and services to expatriates, globally mobile employees, and international organizations.
  • Express Scripts: Cigna acquired this pharmacy benefit management company to provide customers with integrated medical and pharmacy benefits.4
  • Cigna Medicare Plans: Cigna provides a variety of Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans, delivering coverage for prescription drugs, dental, and vision care, ensuring seniors have access to quality healthcare.
  • Cigna Behavioral Health: A comprehensive range of behavioral health services, including employee assistance programs (EAPs), counseling, and substance abuse treatment.5
  • Cigna Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): These programs support employees and employers by offering resources to manage personal and workplace challenges, promote mental health, and enhance overall well-being.
  • Cigna Well-being: Employee wellness programs promoting healthier lifestyles, including fitness and wellness initiatives.
  • Cigna Healthy Rewards: A program that offers incentives and rewards for adopting healthy choices and lifestyle changes.6
  • Cigna Stop Loss Insurance: Tailored for self-insured employers, this product protects against high claims.
  • Cigna Onsite Health Solutions: Cigna collaborates with employers to provide employees with onsite health and wellness services.
  • Cigna Pharmacy Management: They deliver prescription benefit management services, helping control pharmacy costs.

What is Cigna Rehab Coverage?

Cigna offers diverse health insurance plans encompassing addiction and mental health treatment services. These plans encompass coverage for inpatient and outpatient care, detoxification, and therapy for various behavioral and mental health disorders. The extent of coverage and specific requirements may vary according to your plan, location, and additional factors.

Typically, Cigna’s rehab insurance coverage includes a spectrum of services, such as outpatient treatment, access to Cigna’s network of licensed mental health professionals, participation in Cigna’s health and wellness programs, individual and group therapy sessions, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), aftercare, and follow-up support services, as well as the option to utilize Cigna’s telehealth services.7

Does Cigna Cover Rehab for Alcohol and Drug Addiction in New Jersey?

Yes, Cigna does offer coverage for rehab services related to drug and alcohol addiction in New Jersey. Their health insurance plans typically include outpatient and inpatient care, detoxification, counseling, and therapy. The specific coverage details may vary based on your plan and other factors, so reviewing your policy is essential to understand the extent of your benefits.

Cigna alcohol rehab and Cigna drug rehab address substance abuse and addiction while providing support to those seeking treatment in New Jersey. Cigna’s network of providers offers a range of services, including personalized treatment plans, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), mental health counseling, dual diagnosis care, and access to aftercare and support groups for relapse prevention. Cigna also recognizes the value of telehealth services,[v] which can facilitate remote access to treatment and counseling, particularly when in-person visits may be challenging.

Does Cigna Medical Detox Treatment?

Cigna often covers medical detox treatment as part of its addiction recovery services. Medical detoxification is a crucial initial step for individuals with substance use disorders, as it helps manage withdrawal symptoms and ensures a safe transition into the rehabilitation process. Cigna’s health insurance plans frequently include coverage for medical detox, depending on the specific policy and other variables.8

Medical detox is typically administered under medical supervision to provide a safe, comfortable withdrawal process. It may involve the use of medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and manage cravings, reducing the physical and psychological discomfort associated with addiction withdrawal.

Does Cigna Cover Residential Treatment?

Cigna typically provides coverage for residential treatment as part of its addiction recovery services. Residential treatment, also known as inpatient rehab, is a crucial level of care for individuals seeking intensive support and a structured environment to address substance use disorders or other mental health concerns.

Cigna’s health insurance plans often include residential treatment coverage, although the details can vary based on your particular plan, treatment needs, and more. Residential treatment involves residing at a specialized facility for an extended period, where you’ll receive around-the-clock care, counseling, therapy, and support.

It offers a therapeutic environment for focusing on recovery and developing essential coping strategies. To get the most accurate information about your coverage for residential treatment, review your policy, contact Cigna directly, or contact us. We’re committed to providing comprehensive care for mental health challenges and addiction recovery, ensuring you or a loved one has access to the necessary treatments and services for lasting recovery and sobriety.

Does Cigna Cover Mental Health Therapy Treatment?

Cigna consistently incorporates mental health therapy and treatment as essential components of its health insurance plans. These critical mental health services, such as therapy sessions, are fundamental aspects of health coverage, and they are required by both the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the United States.9

Insurance plans, like Cigna’s, are obligated to provide equitable coverage for mental health and substance use disorders on par with medical and surgical services. For further information about mental health insurance coverage, check your insurance here or refer to your policy details.

Other Rehab Treatment Programs Covered by Cigna in New Jersey

Understanding healthcare coverage can be complex, especially when seeking help for mental health and substance abuse treatment. Cigna and Serenity at Summit are dedicated to aiding the path to recovery, offering a range of options for various types of rehab treatment programs in New Jersey. Understanding these programs and the extent of coverage can be crucial when seeking addiction recovery.

Cigna Coverage for Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs)

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) are structured, non-residential treatment programs that provide intensive care during the day while allowing patients to return home in the evenings. These programs suit those requiring a higher level of care but who can still maintain some level of independence.

PHPs offer therapy, including methods like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing, group sessions, medication management, and life skills training. PHPs also involve family support and holistic approaches like art therapy or yoga. The program’s goal is to prepare individuals for a successful transition back to daily life while providing continued support and education. Cigna typically covers PHP, but coverage details will vary.

Cigna Coverage for Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) offer structured mental health support, typically during the evenings, allowing individuals to maintain daily routines. An IOP is a step-down option for those who’ve completed more intensive treatment. IOPs often focus on group therapy, individual counseling, psychoeducation, and life skills training. Medication management may be included. Family involvement and holistic approaches, like yoga, are common components.

IOPs help individuals develop coping skills and prepare for life outside treatment with a patient-centered approach tailored to individual needs. They are a flexible, effective option in the continuum of care. Cigna usually provides coverage for IOPs, but the extent of coverage can differ from plan to plan.

Cigna Coverage for Acute Treatment Programs

Acute treatment programs offer short-term, intensive care for severe addiction issues or mental health crises. While these programs aren’t long-term, they’re vital to stabilization. They prioritize safety and crisis management, including medical detoxification and psychiatric evaluation, providing immediate help for those in need. Cigna generally covers acute treatment programs, but reviewing your policy is essential to understand the coverage details.

Cigna Coverage for Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation is a comprehensive residential treatment program that offers 24/7 care in a specialized facility. It’s often recommended for severe addiction issues or those who need a highly structured and supportive environment for recovery. This program includes therapy, counseling, and medication management, focusing on addressing specific needs and helping develop essential coping skills for long-term recovery.

Cigna typically provides coverage for inpatient rehab, but the specific details may vary based on your plan and other factors. It’s advisable to review your policy, contact Cigna directly, or call (844) 326-4514 for accurate information on the extent of your coverage for these programs.

Rehab Center in New Jersey That Takes Cigna

Our Garden State facility offers comprehensive treatment options, including everything from detoxification to outpatient care. We heavily emphasize providing individualized services, maintaining low staff-to-client ratios, employing a team of seasoned master’s level therapists, and offering a wide range of rehabilitation services tailored to the specific needs of those facing substance addiction.

For more information about our rehabilitation center in New Jersey that gladly accepts health insurance, visit our facility at the address below:

How Much is Rehab with Cigna Insurance?

The expenses associated with rehabilitation programs can vary depending on multiple factors, such as the type of treatment, where it’s offered, and your insurance plan. On average, without insurance, the cost of individual psychotherapy sessions can fluctuate between $100 to $200 per hour.10 Additionally, for outpatient rehab in New Jersey, the average cost for an individual patient is approximately $1,701.11

We strongly advise thoroughly reviewing your insurance policy documents or contacting (844) 326-4514 to understand your Cigna healthcare coverage specifics. We can answer questions and guide you in the following steps to access the necessary treatment.

How To Check Cigna Coverage Levels for Rehab Treatment

For a comprehensive assessment of your insurance coverage for rehabilitation treatment, you can conveniently fill out our online form below. Our experienced professionals will contact your insurance provider to confirm your eligibility and benefits. We’ll then communicate with you to provide a detailed overview of your policy, including any exclusions, limitations, deductibles, and more.

To understand your insurance policy’s details and locate rehab centers that take Cigna, we encourage you to take the initiative and call (844) 326-4514. Determining your Cigna rehabilitation coverage is crucial in ensuring you receive the necessary treatment. You can start this process by simply visiting our verification page below:

How To Get Cigna to Pay for Rehab Treatment

Review the summary of benefits documentation provided by Cigna or access assistance with verifying these benefits by calling (844) 326-4514. Once you understand your benefits, you can select rehab centers that take Cigna and align with your treatment needs. If your plan requires a referral from your primary care physician or pre-authorization, obtain these.

Furthermore, be sure that the rehabilitation facility you choose submits claims to Cigna on your behalf. Following the completion of your treatment, it’s advisable to follow up with Cigna to confirm the processing of your claims and to ensure that you receive any owed reimbursements or coverage benefits. Staying in-network with authorized providers and adhering to your prescribed treatment plan significantly enhances the likelihood of Cigna covering rehab treatment costs.

How Many Times Will Cigna New Jersey Pay for Rehab?

How many times Cigna in New Jersey will pay for rehab hinges on various factors, including your policy, the specific type of treatment required, and the medical necessity. Like many healthcare providers, Cigna typically provides coverage for rehabilitation services when medically necessary. Different types of rehabilitation and their services may come with distinct criteria, limitations, and exclusions.

For a comprehensive grasp of your coverage and the associated costs, it is essential to thoroughly review your policy and engage in a discussion with your healthcare provider. Contact us for further information regarding the frequency and extent of Cigna’s rehabilitation coverage in New Jersey.

Addiction Statistics in New Jersey

  • On average, the cost of residential rehab in New Jersey is $56,570.12
  • About 6.1% of all New Jersey residents reported that they faced some type of substance use disorder (SUD).13
  • In a substance abuse overview of New Jersey conducted in 2019, the report identified the most frequently abused illicit drugs in the state. These substances include heroin, other opiates, cocaine, and marijuana.14
  • The National Drug Intelligence Center has highlighted that New Jersey faces an elevated risk of illicit drug distribution on a significant scale. This heightened risk is attributed to the state’s geographical location and the presence of various criminal organizations operating illegal distribution networks within its borders.15
  • During 2022, specific weeks saw a distressing trend of over 75 fatalities resulting from opioid overdoses, making up the predominant share of all overdose-related deaths within the state of New Jersey.16
  • In 2021, the number of patients admitted to treatment facilities in New Jersey reached 87,745, marking an uptick from the preceding year.17
  • The primary cause for individuals seeking inpatient care in New Jersey is related to opioid maintenance and detoxification. In these facilities, patients receive medications like methadone to assist in managing their withdrawal symptoms.18


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