Education and Extended Evaluation (EEE) Program

If a friend or family member has been abusing drugs or alcohol and you fear they may be in over their head, we are here to help. The Education And Extended Evaluation Program is available exclusively at our Treatment Dynamics Florham Park location and may be used in the initial treatment of both adults and adolescents.

Often this program is used for teens who do not realize the effects their drug and alcohol use has on their family and their future, but can be used for either adolescents or adult. Problems with school and the law can follow you for the rest of your life. Our goal is to educate our patients on the effects of their substance abuse and help them to achieve sobriety in a structured setting through education as well as routine evaluations.

Substance Abuse Education

The first step of this program is to educate patients on the effects of their substance usage. From mental health conditions caused by prolonged usage of mood altering substances to the legal trouble caused by addiction, we will work with you to overcome the powers of addiction.

With so many addict beginning to use drugs and alcohol in a recreational manner, it is clear they do not understand the risks to their health. During the teenage years brains are still developing and hormones are being regulated. Using recreational drugs or alcohol can disrupt this natural process causing long term mental health and physical conditions. This disruption is the beginning of the cycle of addiction.

In addition to the health issues caused by substance abuse, there are many effects on a family when a teen or significant other begin using drugs and alcohol. Problems at school and legal troubles do not just affect the person abusing the substances, especially if they are a minor. The cost of lawyers and court ordered programs can add up causing a strain on any family.


While not every teen or adult addict may be using these substances heavily, there is always a risk associated with experimentation. Throughout the program, we will perform random urinalysis testing to determine whether the patient is using these substances while participating in the program. If these tests reveal continued use, we will recommend a customized plan of action to treat the addiction.

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