Special Announcement: Summit Behavioral Health will be on ‘One on One’ with Steve Adubato

Watch One-on-One with Steve Adubato, as he talks with executive director and co-founder of Summit Behavioral Health, Tom Allen on April 2nd, at 7:00pm on NJTV and April 3rd at 12:30am on WNET as they discuss about prescription drug abuse.

Tom talks about his personal story, and why he has been driven to reach out to help people who are dealing with addiction to prescription drugs.

Originally starting in AZ, now building an exceptional treatment facility in New Jersey to fill a treatment gap. Over 950,000 individuals living in the state of New Jersey, 6 in 10 know someone who suffers from addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Because of zoning laws and the ‘not in my backyard’ opinion, treatment centers are few so many people are having to travel far from home to Arizona, California or Florida. Tom’s goal is to fill that void and help people where they live and work.


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