How Do You Detox From Opiate Addiction During Pregnancy

Those addicted to opiates while pregnant must detox to avoid serious health risks to their unborn children. Summit Behavioral Health recommends mothers seek professional help to curb their addictions as quickly as possible to best combat the chance of serious repercussion. Prior to detoxification, it is important to discuss treatment options to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy moving forward.

Medications and Methods Used In Opiate Detox

When an expecting mother expresses interest in opiate detox, the standard protocol is a physician supervised methadone treatment plan. Because methadone use is not directly attributable to any known birth defects, it is widely considered the healthiest alternative.

Other common opiate abuse detox medications include Subutex or Suboxone. However, due to a heightened risk of harm to the fetus, these drugs are not recommended when treating pregnant women.

Maintenance and weaning are the two methods used in opiate detoxification. Patients who are “weaned” are administered doses of the drug in slowly tapering dosages until a point where use is hindered completely. These patients can still experience withdrawal symptoms, but to a much lesser extent. While this method is certainly effective, many physicians avoid it due to the risk of seriously harming or even killing the fetus.

Therefore, methadone maintenance is often employed to ensure a healthy and comfortable birth for both mother and child. In this method, mothers are provided a small dose of methadone daily for the duration of the pregnancy.

Detox Decisions Are Up to the Mother – but We Are Here to Help

Though many physicians consider methadone maintenance the safest pregnancy detox method, the choice is ultimately up to the mother. Drug detox of any kind, especially while pregnant, can be extremely risky. When in doubt, patients are encouraged to contact our opiate abuse treatment program to help address any lingering questions or concerns.

If you or a loved one seeking opiate abuse treatment or any other drug or alcohol treatment options, our addiction treatment specialists are available to help! Contact Summit Behavioral Health today, and let our team help you back on track towards the healthy and happy life you deserve.

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