Why Is A Detox Program Schedule So Important

Woman in distress from marijuana

When a new client enters our detox program at Summit Helps, we make sure that he or she understands that there is a strict schedule that is to be adhered to. We expect our guests to follow it carefully so that they get the full benefit of our program and start the process of putting their lives back together after being under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Taking Control Back After Substance Abuse

By the time a client reaches our detox program in New Jersey, many times he or she has a substance abuse issue for several years. During that time, the drugs and/or alcohol has been in control of the client’s life. For a person with a full-blown addiction, it reaches the point where the addict is no longer in control of whether he or she will use as the substance is in complete control.

Following our detox program, clients can enter either our holistic outpatient or holistic residential addiction treatment programs which ensures that they have the best support system in place to begin to take back control of their life.

Why a Detox Program Schedule Is so Powerful

Following a regular schedule in a detox program for drugs and alcohol is a way to establish a routine that is separate from the influence of the substances themselves. Clients start to learn that there is life – and a whole world – that exists in sobriety separate from the confines of an addiction.

Another reason why our detox program schedule is so jam-packed in this early stage of recovery is that it keeps our clients so busy that they have very little time to think about cravings for drugs and alcohol. We understand that going through this process and freeing the body from the influence of chemicals can be challenging for the people we work with.

We do everything we can to help keep them comfortable during their time with us. One of the worst things that we could do is give our clients a lot of free time where they can focus on the element that they have “lost” in their lives.

What Our Clients Focus on Matters!

At Summit Helps, we want to focus their attention onto the positive aspects that our clients will gain from getting and staying sober. Our holistic approach teaches them that they have a lot to gain by going through this process.

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