Impact Of Nutrition In Rehab On Recovery

Most people, who suffer with drug or alcohol addiction problems, don’t tend to look after other areas of their health. Usually, once these individuals arrive for treatment, it is apparent that they do not have regular or healthy nutrition habits.

We work with our clients to teach healthy eating habits and help them see the role that nutrition has in their addiction recovery.

The Great Impact Of Nutrition In Rehab On Recovery

Those suffering from addiction often experience drug or alcohol cravings. Eating a balanced diet is one proven way of counteracting the inevitable cravings that occur.

Our mood is greatly affected by the food we consume. Wholesome meals that consist of lean protein, whole grains, vegetables, fruit and reduced fat dairy products provides the mind and body with vital nutrients. This enables neurotransmitters to be produced properly in the brain, which boosts emotional stability and mental alertness.

If large quantities of caffeine and/or sugar are consumed, it can result in erratic moods and behavior. This is why people who have just started their recovery treatment should take extra care to limit their intake of these substances.

Furthermore, sensible dieting allows clients to continue to care for themselves over the extended care and recovery periods.

Frequently, clients being treated for alcohol and drug addiction also have self-esteem issues. Making the effort to cook and consume wholesome food has a positive psychological effect on clients. It trains them to regard themselves as important enough to eat well, and be mindful of what they are putting into their bodies. Regularly carrying out tasks that improve their sense of self-worth is something that clients can do, once they progress into sober living and extended care.

Eating Well The Easy Way

Contrary to popular belief, a good diet can be straightforward. Clients, who lack the culinary skills to prepare impressive meals, might wish to begin by mastering how to cook easier cuisine.

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Eating the right foods helps to strengthen the body and provide brain health, which facilitates recovery over the long term. Even though getting used to living a sober life takes time and effort, our tools and professional and caring staff will be with you ever step of the way!

Correct dieting is only one element of successful addiction recovery. We here at Treatment Dynamics at Summit offer a range of customized holistic treatment programs.

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