Top 4 Sober Outdoor Summer Activities

The dog days of summer are upon us and more people are looking for great ways to spend time outdoors before the cold weather returns. If you have recently achieved sobriety or have been enjoying a sober lifestyle for years, you may wonder what sober activities there are to do with your friends and family outdoors.

4 Fun Outdoor Sober Activities

The following are fun, worthwhile outdoor activities to do while maintaining your sobriety.

1. Family Barbecue

While many people feel that no barbeque is complete without a couple beers, there are many ways to have a fun and enjoyable barbecue without alcohol. The key to any successful barbecue is great food and great company. While you may choose the old stand-by foods such as hot dogs, burgers, and potato salad, there are a wide variety of new recipes you can try.

One fantastic recipe that is sure to wow your guests is this healthy and delicious shrimp and spinach recipe. This recipe combines shrimp, spinach, and spices into one delicious dish. One of the best parts of this recipe is the convenience. Each serving is placed into an individual foil packet making it the perfect recipe to make and take. You can prepare the food prior to the barbecue and toss them on the grill when ready!

2. Hiking And Biking

Summer is a great time of year to get in shape or move your regular routine to the great outdoors. Hiking and biking are both great stamina-building exercises that will help you burn calories and build lean muscle. One of the best parts of both hiking and biking is that they can be done alone or with a group of friends.

You can pack snacks, a picnic, and plenty of water to make it an all-day activity with your friends or family. Remember to bring your camera and take plenty of pictures of the sights around you as well as you and your loved ones enjoying a beautiful nature trip.

3. Camping

This fun summer activity is sure to help you unwind. Camping is a great way to release the stresses of your daily life and focus on the natural setting around you. From the crickets chirping in the dark to the gorgeous sunrises, this picturesque trip will have you forgetting about your hectic life at home in no time.

In addition to relaxing you can also enjoy some great food and activities. From cooking your dinner over an open fire to swimming, many campgrounds offer a wide variety of fun things to do. When choosing where you pitch your tent, think of the activities you want to enjoy whether it is walking in the woods or floating on a river.

4. Join A Sports Team

When you think of joining an adult sports league you probably picture a group of people enjoying some drinks while they pretend to play softball. Some of these teams are competitive but others may not be. Did you know there are teams created specifically for those who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction?

These teams can offer you the physical activity needed to help keep your body and mind healthy as well as an amazing support system both during the season and afterwards. One of the most important aspects of maintaining a sober life is to associate with like-minded people. These people will lift you up when you are down and support your sobriety at all times.

Summer Sobriety

Being sober doesn’t have to mean enduring a long, boring summer. Finding the right activities for you is not as difficult as you may have thought. Most summer activities can be just as much fun without alcohol as they are with it. In fact, activities are more fun when you are sober to remember them.

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