What Are The Benefits Of Breathing Exercises For Addiction Recovery

Alcohol and drug addiction is a devastating disease. At Treatment Dynamics At Summit, we offer treatment programs that are fact based and dynamic. We recognize that all patients are different. What works for one patient, may not work for all. Our treatment programs are customized to include individual, group and family based therapy.

We also use holistic therapies including yoga, nutrition, exercises, and many other alternative methods. One addiction recovery method that has shown to be effective in the many patients is the use of breathing exercises.

Types Of Breathing Exercises

Deliberately changing the pattern of breathing can have various beneficial effects. Throughout the centuries, different methods of breathing exercises have been used. There are four major types of breathing exercises that have been developed and that are useful in recovery from addiction.

Alternate Nostril Breathing – This involves breathing through an alternate nostril, with each separate breath. It is helpful for people who are dealing with anxiety and stress.

Abdominal Breathing – Also called deep breathing, this is when the patient focuses on their stomach area when breathing, instead of the chest. Abdominal breathing calms the nervous system, increases oxygen to the heart and relieves anxiety.

Lion’s Breath – For this exercise, people exhale through their open mouths, and make a noise while breathing out. The tongue also hangs out of the mouth, like a lion or dog. Lion’s breath can improve circulation, and helps with relaxation.

Ujjayi Breath – Ujjayi breath is a technique where people take long, deep breaths. They cause a vibratory noise in the back of the throat. It promotes relaxation, and helps prevent insomnia.

Benefits Of Breathing Exercises For Addiction Recovery

For people in the early stages of addiction recovery, breathing exercises can be an immense aid. Emotions can be like a rollercoaster, going up and down sharply, and quickly. These exercises can help people be in more control of their emotions.

During detox and early recovery, concentration can be difficult as the mind struggles to deal with the effects of withdrawal. Proper breathing can partially alleviate severe cravings, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. People have been known to stay awake for long hours OR an extended period while in detox.

High blood pressure, panic attacks, chronic pain, asthma, extreme fatigue, skin conditions, and other withdrawal symptoms, can also be lessened by the calming and stress-relieving effects of breathing exercises.

The professional staff here at Treatment Dynamics at Summit can teach you these breathing exercises while participating in our holistic programs. We will assist you, or your loved one, in every step of battling drug and alcohol addiction.

Treatment Dynamics at Summit offers efficient and top notch outpatient substance abuse treatment. Our staff is professional, caring, and has expertise in all stages of recovery.

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