5 Positive Recovery Pointers For The New Year

The New Year is the traditional time to make a fresh start and resolve to do things better or differently.

Recovery Pointers For The New Year

If you are looking for some sober ideas to start this year off on a positive note, here are some unique suggestions to help you get started:

1. Focus On Building Your Support Network

Having a strong network is very important for people who are in recovery. It can be made up of family, friends, counselors, doctors, and anyone else who is interested in having a part in helping you preserve your sobriety. To build your support network, be open to meeting other people who are in recovery, go to social events sponsored by recovery organizations and make a point of saying, “Hello” and introducing yourself to new group members at meetings.

2. Start A New Hobby

Decide to join a club or learn about something new to help fill the void in your life that used to be taken up by your addiction. If there is something that you have always been curious about, now may be the time to explore it. There are any number of adult classes that you can take to learn how to draw, paint, bake, knit, take pictures, play an instrument, discuss books, play sports, etc.

3. Volunteer Your Time

You can choose to formally volunteer for a cause or an organization. There are many groups that would welcome help in many areas, from libraries who need people to read to children to thrift stores who could use help sorting items for sale. You can probably go online and conduct a search for community organizations to find ones that are looking for volunteers. If doing something informally is more appealing to you, start by cleaning up after a meeting or offering to drive a fellow member to a meeting or to an appointment or a meeting.

4. Save Some Money

Many people make financial resolutions, and people in recovery should be no different. Having a little money put aside as a financial cushion can help to lower stress levels if unexpected expenses come up. If you can put away even $5.00 or $10.00 a week, it will add up by the end of the year – and you likely won’t even miss it.

5. Write In Your Journal For 10 Minutes A Day

Writing can help to relieve stress and lift depression. It’s a worthwhile exercise, especially since you can look back to previous entries to see how far you have come in your recovery over time. The words you write never need to be shared with anyone else, and you do not have to be a great writer to get your thoughts down. Just spend 10 minutes a day writing something and you will feel calmer and better able to deal with the inevitable bumps and frustrations that modern life will throw your way.

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