5 Things To Love In Sobriety

If you have never been an addict, it may be difficult to explain what a difference sobriety can make after years of drinking and/or using drugs. The person who is using the substances is powerless over them and no longer has control over whether he or she will use them or not. The lack of self-esteem that goes along with whatever other emotions that a person is trying to bury underneath the addiction, such as guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, depression, or stress, is also constantly present. It provides fuel for the addiction, too, since users turn to chemicals to feel better about themselves.

Once someone receives appropriate treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, they have an entirely new lease on life. Their attitude toward everything changes, and they find that they have plenty of things to love in sobriety.

Things To Love In Sobriety

  1. The fact of being alive Addiction is a serious disease that if left untreated has the very real potential to be fatal for those affected by it. One of the gifts of sobriety is getting that monkey off a user’s back so that he or she is no longer continually feeding the addiction. They can breathe easier and enjoy much better health as a result
  2. Improved self-esteem Once someone gets sober, they learn that they don’t need chemicals to be accepted just the way they are. Doing drugs or drinking won’t give them the confidence they need to make good choices; in fact, the opposite is far more likely.
  3. Making plans (and keeping them) Just about everyone who is an addict has made plans to do something or spend time with family members or friends but changed them or just didn’t show up because they were getting drunk or high, looking for drugs or recovering from using them. Being able to keep your word is something that you can be proud of and love in sobriety.
  4. Support of family and friends Active users will find it very challenging to be able to count on getting support from family and friends. Since most of an addict’s family and friends have been let down numerous times, it is challenging for them to learn to trust the addict in their circle again. Once trust and support has been re-established, it is something to be nurtured and loved in sobriety.
  5. All the small joys that life has to offer Sobriety removes the scales from a person’s eyes and allows them to appreciate the simple things like being able to enjoy waking up in bed in the morning without a headache or feeling nauseous (or even knowing where one is). Food and drink taste better in sobriety, and it’s much easier to enjoy being in the moment without focusing on the past or worrying about the future.

There’s plenty to love in sobriety, and Summit Helps offers outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs to help you or a loved one get there. Contact us now!

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