How Creative Therapies: Art, Poetry, Journaling – Help You Recover!

When overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, you may become overwhelmed by your emotions that have long been buried. You may feel uncomfortable speaking of these emotions with a group or in individual counseling.

One way we work to help you open up about your emotions in recovery is by using creative therapies. Some of the creative recovery therapies we use here at Treatment Dynamics at Summit include art, poetry, and journaling.

Creative Therapies for Recovery

Learn how these therapies provide a creative outlet for your emotions and help you recover!

Art Therapy

Art therapies involve creating items to represent your emotional state. These may include broken plate mosaics or masks that represent your hidden secrets. You may choose to paint pictures that represent you either in abstract form or a realistic way.

One popular form of art therapy is to create a dia de los Muertos mask. This mask is a two-sided representation of yourself. On the outside of your mask, you will draw images that depict how you think the outside world sees you. These images are typically happy and bright. On the inside of the mask, you will draw or write items that depict the things you hide from those around you. These are often your faults.

Another popular form of art therapy is the broken plate mosaic mirror. This project involves using old ceramic dishes in different colors and patterns. You will break the dishes and once all of the pieces are the desired size, you will use them to create a frame around a small or medium mirror. This project represents the broken life you are leaving behind and allows you to see the progress you are making toward becoming whole again!


Many people feel that poetry is a great way to express their feelings. Many famous poets wrote about their trials and tribulations in a way that each reader could interpret differently. Poetry allows you to spill your emotions onto paper without judgment. If you are not interested in writing poetry and would prefer to read it, many great poets write in a way that they speak to your heart. You can find poetry that you relate to and print copies of these poems to carry with you during times of struggle.


During times of struggle, it often helps to get your feelings out on paper. Many patients find that journaling offers them an opportunity to put their feelings out on paper without feeling obligated to share them with others. Some patients use their journals to write their goals and dreams out so that they can review them over time and note their progress throughout the journey. At the end of your treatment, you will be able to flip through your journey from beginning to end. Many people find looking at how far they have come through helps to motivate them to remain sober throughout their life!

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