How Your Personality Type Affects Recovery

No two people are exactly alike. This is why every addict or alcoholic’s story is unique. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, a type A or a type B, an optimist or a pessimist, recovery is possible. Yet, it does need to be tailored to your particular personality type.

Why Personalized Addiction Treatment is Necessary for Each Personality

Only with a personalized treatment plan can you get the specific type of care you need for successful, long-term recovery.

Treatments that work for one individual may be ill-suited for another. For example, an introvert may be overwhelmed by a large group therapy session. In contrast, someone who loves to be the life of the party may be challenged with an inwardly-focused, holistic treatment such as meditation.

One of the many benefits of entering a well-rounded rehab program is that your needs are carefully assessed and you’re given the customized addiction treatment you need.

While it’s important to leverage the benefits of treatments that are suited to your specific personality type, it’s also beneficial to go outside of your comfort zone by trying protocols that may at first seem a little scary or uncomfortable.

It’s not uncommon for a self-proclaimed introvert to find a welcome home in a large 12-step meeting. It’s also likely that someone who is outgoing will find renewed peace and tranquility in the quietness of yoga or other reflective treatment.

The Evolution of the Mind, Body, and Spirit in Recovery

Regardless of your specific personality type, it is a fact that you will undergo significant changes in recovery. Your mind, body and spirit will heal, and things that seemed once impossible can become a reality. What was uncertain or difficult can become clear and simple.

One of the many benefits of recovery is the discovery of finding out who exactly you are without the cloud of drugs or alcohol. An introvert may find that she is actually quite extroverted when she is no longer plagued with addiction. A pessimist may find that he is unabashedly positive when the grip of alcohol or drugs is eliminated.

Discover the Real You

Many addicts will tell you that they discovered many new aspects of their personalities when they embraced recovery. The first step is getting help. At Serenity at Summit, we believe that a customized treatment plan is the best approach to treatment. We start with a comprehensive assessment and take into account your specific needs, goals, interests and, yes, your personality type.

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