Program Spotlight: Advanced Recovery Program Preventing Relapse

Addiction is a chronic disease, and the goal of clients who come to us for treatment is to move from actively using drugs and alcohol to a state of recovery. This is not a goal, where they can be cured, but rather an ongoing journey. It may be helpful to think of addiction in the same manner as diabetes, where a person with the disease will always need to take steps to manage it on a daily basis. An addict is never “cured,” even if he or she is not currently using or drinking.

This month our Program Spotlight features our Advanced Recovery Program (ARP), which provides the continued support recovering addicts need to stay sober and reduce the risk of a relapse.

Advanced Recovery Program (ARP) – Ongoing Support After Addiction Treatment for Relapse Prevention

The ARP is available to our clients who have completed their drug and alcohol treatment and who are in stable recovery and wish to participate in ongoing group and/or individual therapy. We recognize that relapse prevention must be discussed openly and honestly with our clients. In our Advanced Recovery Program, we provide the tools to recognize and successfully deal with the temptations and stresses of daily life to help prevent relapse.

Staying Sober Needs Constant Internal Monitoring

The decision to adopt a sober lifestyle can be made once, but maintaining it over the long term requires making a number of smaller choices day by day. When a client is being treated in our intensive outpatient addiction treatment program, he or she has a high level of support to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, or the simple day-to-day frustrations that are part of everyday life.

Once the intensive treatment program ends, a client does not have the same degree of support but it’s not realistic to allow someone to leave a drug and alcohol treatment program without any follow up care in place and expect them to manage completely independently. Participants in our Advanced Recovery Program meet weekly for 90 minutes at a time in order to get the continued support they need to remain committed to their sober lifestyle.

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