What Is The Role Of Holistic Activities In Recovery?

Addiction impacts your physical, mental and emotional health. This is why addiction treatment needs to be comprehensive and holistic in nature. Every individual entering treatment is different, as is their specific story of addiction. Based on each person’s specific needs, an individualized treatment program can be developed that includes a variety of holistic activities.

Discover the role of holistic activities in recovery.

Why Holistic Treatment is Important in Addiction Recovery

Holistic means whole. When it comes to addiction treatment, holistic refers to treating the whole person. With this multi-faceted approach to treatment, physical, mental and emotional/spiritual health can be addressed to support recovery.

For some individuals entering treatment their primary concern may be that of malnourishment. Meanwhile, other individuals may be battling co-occurring disorders such as anxiety or depression. Yet, those that are seeking treatment for PTSD or trauma have primary concerns of their own that may or may not be a focus for another.

Underlying factors such as family issues and work stress also play a role in the treatment of the individual. With that in mind, because of the wide variety of issues one may struggle with, addiction treatment must be able to address emotional problems, poor physical health, psychiatric conditions as well as trauma in order to ensure optimum treatment.

Types of Holistic Treatments in Recovery

Forms of treatment that help heal the body, mind and spirit include:

  • individual and group therapy
  • nutrition therapy
  • cognitive therapy
  • journaling
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • multiple forms of exercise
  • and much more

Benefits of Holistic Activities and Therapies

Holistic treatments that support mental health such as meditation and cognitive therapy can decrease anxiety and stress while changing destructive behaviors and habits. For example, meditation in recovery is used to help a recovering addict gain more awareness and to relinquish negative thought processes. Interestingly, studies have shown that meditation, even for just a few minutes each day, can help increase brain activity and improve impulse control.

Physical activities, like exercise and yoga, help to lower blood pressure, improve energy levels and increase the natural release of serotonin. Nutrition is integral to recovery by helping to restore levels of essential vitamins and minerals necessary to support good health. With proper nutrition and physical activity, sleep, energy levels and brain function improve which enables the body and mind to heal faster and more effectively, which is key for a recovery addict.

What Holistic Addiction Treatments Do You Need?

Are you searching for the best treatment option for yourself or a loved one? You may be unclear what holistic treatments will provide the best chance of recovery. This is why we provide a complete individual assessment to create an individualized treatment plan that is comprised of the most optimal holistic therapies and traditional treatments to support recovery.

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