Serenity At Summit New England Earns The Joint Commission Certification


We are proud to announce Serenity at Summit New England has earned its behavioral health certification from the esteemed Joint Commission.

This means that after thorough review, our Serenity at Summit residential facility has met and exceeded The Joint Commission’s rigorous standards for effective integration and coordination of medical detox and behavioral health care services.

According to Tracy Griffin Collander, Executive Director of the Behavioral Health Care Accreditation Program at The Joint Commission, Serenity at Summit New England “demonstrated its ability to provide treatment that addresses the health needs of the whole person.”

What Is Serenity at Summit New England?

Located in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Serenity at Summit New England is Serenity’s first facility to boast a residential treatment program. The staff uses holistic and evidence-based methods to treat individuals who are recovering from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Serenity at Summit New England is also the second facility in the Serenity network to offer medically supervised detoxification services.

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Serenity At Summit

The Behavioral Health Certification Process

In order to achieve accreditation from The Joint Commission, Serenity at Summit New England underwent a thorough on-site survey in early July 2016. A Joint Commission evaluator reviewed the facility and staff for compliance with his organization’s standards for person-centered health care that supports recovery.

The Joint Commission’s behavioral care accreditation program was launched in January 2014 for organizations that either provide primary physical health services or partner with health care providers that do. Behavioral health certificates from The Joint Commission are valid for a period of three years.

Jim Kane, CEO of Serenity at Summit, said he was delighted to see his Massachusetts facility receive behavioral health certification from The Joint Commission, which he called “the premier health care quality improvement and accrediting body in the nation.”

“By achieving this certification, we are operating within a framework to better meet the needs of the people we serve,” Kane added.

The Joint Commission’s Legendary Track Record

The Joint Commission was founded in 1951 with the mission to continuously improve health care for the public. This is accomplished by setting health care standards and evaluating organizations and inspiring them to provide high-quality, effective patient care.

Nearly 21,000 health care organizations and programs in the U.S. have the exclusive honor of being certified by The Joint Commission. Health care executives can refer to Joint Commission standards to help them measure, assess and improve the performance of programs and individual providers.

Joint Commission standards are developed as a collaboration between:

  • Health care professionals and providers
  • Employers
  • Subject matter experts
  • Government agencies
  • Consumers

New standards are frequently released to keep up with the advancements of the health care industry, but only if they have a positive impact on health outcomes, comply with federal law, and can be accurately and feasibly measured.

A nonprofit entity, The Joint Commission has the esteem of being the nation’s largest and longest-running standards-setting and accrediting organization in the health care industry.

More on Serenity

With detox, residential and outpatient options offered among five locations in two states, Serenity at Summit has quickly emerged as one of the nation’s must-watch health networks for drug, alcohol and co-occurring disorder treatment.

Summit’s individualized treatment programs are designed to expertly and compassionately guide clients from the first days of recovery to long-lasting sobriety, with after-care options available.

Located in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, Serenity at Summit accepts men and women 18 years and older who are looking to break their drug or alcohol addiction and heal mentally, emotionally and physically.

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