Serenity at Summit serves as a guiding light for individuals in search of effective rehabilitation for substance addiction and mental health treatment. With facilities in Massachusetts and New Jersey, our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized care to support the journey to recovery. We prioritize accessibility, accepting various health insurance plans, potentially including Humana rehab coverage in New England.

If you’re considering rehabilitation, Serenity at Summit could be a suitable choice. We encourage you to contact our admissions team at (844) 326-4514 to inquire about the specifics of Humana rehab coverage in New England and discuss your or a loved one’s unique treatment needs. Taking this step may be the first towards a healthier and brighter future. Reach out to Serenity at Summit today to explore your options and begin the path to recovery.

Exploring New England and its States

New England, situated in the northeastern United States, is renowned for its captivating landscapes and historical significance. Encompassing Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont, the area features rolling hills, dense forests, and a rugged Atlantic coastline, especially famous for its vibrant fall foliage.

Noteworthy cities like Boston, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island, and Portland, Maine, add a blend of history, culture, and maritime charm to the region, making New England a compelling destination for those seeking a diverse and picturesque experience.

Who is Humana?

Humana Inc. is one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States, with its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The company offers extensive services, including Medicare, individual medical, dental, pharmacy, vision plans, and employer group healthcare coverage. Humana is renowned for its technological expertise and provides various health insurance options to cater to diverse needs.1

Humana has been dedicated to promoting healthy and fulfilling lives since 1961. They offer a range of medical insurance options, including Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Medicare Advantage. In addition to insurance coverage, the company provides preventive care services, wellness programs, and comprehensive prescription drug coverage.

Some of Humana Brands, Products, and Services

Positioned as a comprehensive health and well-being provider, Humana offers a diverse range of brands, products, and services to address various healthcare needs. This extensive portfolio reflects Humana’s commitment to meeting the intricate requirements of the insured. Here’s an overview of key offerings:

  • Humana Health Insurance: Provides comprehensive health insurance plans covering medical expenses, prescription drugs, and preventive care for individuals and families.
  • Humana Medicare Plans: Enhances original Medicare coverage for seniors, including Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.2
  • Humana Pharmacy Solutions: Streamlines the prescription process, focusing on improving medication adherence and affordability for members.3
  • Humana Dental Insurance: Covers a range of dental services, from routine check-ups to major procedures.
  • Humana Vision Insurance: Offers coverage for eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses, ensuring members can access essential vision services.
  • Humana Behavioral Health Services: Supports comprehensive healthcare with resources for mental health and substance use disorders, potentially including dual diagnosis care.4
  • Humana Go365 Wellness Programs: Encourages healthy behaviors through incentivized wellness programs.5
  • Humana At Home: Provides diverse in-home care services, including home health, hospice, and caregiver support, enhancing the quality of life for insured individuals in their homes.6
  • Humana Military: A subsidiary administering TRICARE East, ensuring quality healthcare access for active-duty service members, retirees, and their families in the eastern United States.7

What is Humana Rehab Coverage?

Humana’s health insurance plans offer extensive rehabilitation coverage, catering to a range of mental and behavioral health needs. This coverage includes inpatient and outpatient care, therapy sessions, and detoxification services for addressing substance abuse challenges. Contact us for more information on Humana rehab coverage in New England.

Our team is ready to provide comprehensive information about potential co-pays, deductibles, and any limitations or exclusions related to rehabilitation services. A clear understanding of your coverage empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your health and overall well-being.

Does Humana Cover Rehab in New England?

Humana offers coverage for some of the costs of drug and alcohol rehabilitation in New England. The extent of this coverage depends on various factors, including your specific plan. Whether you’re seeking Humana alcohol rehab in New England or Humana drug rehab in New England, these services guarantee access to essential resources, fostering a supportive path toward recovery.

Obtaining clarity on the specifics of your coverage is ideal for making well-informed decisions about your rehabilitation treatment. Maximizing the benefits and support available through your insurance plan becomes more effective when you comprehensively understand the coverage provided. Take a moment to check your insurance coverage levels for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in New England.

Does Humana Cover Medical Detox Treatment in New England?

Humana supports the insured by offsetting some of the costs associated with medical detoxification treatment, including medications and medical monitoring. The scope of this coverage is subject to variation depending on the individual plan and other influencing factors. To understand the coverage levels and possible out-of-pocket expenses associated with medical detox treatment, please call (844) 326-4514.

Adopting this proactive approach ensures that you or your loved one can benefit from a supervised, secure, and medically guided withdrawal process, minimizing the health risks associated with this type of substance abuse treatment.

Does Humana Cover Residential Treatment in New England?

Yes. Humana provides coverage for at least some of the costs associated with residential treatment in New England. The extent of this coverage is contingent on variables such as the specific plan and the chosen residential treatment facility. Residential treatment involves continuous inpatient care in a live-in facility, playing a crucial role in addressing mental health and substance abuse concerns.

To thoroughly understand the precise coverage levels and potential out-of-pocket expenses associated with residential treatment, it’s essential to carefully examine your Humana plan details or speak with a healthcare provider directly. Call (844) 326-4514 now to ensure you gain clear insights into the scope of coverage and can navigate any potential financial considerations related to residential treatment.

Does Humana Cover Mental Health Therapy Treatment in New England?

Within its comprehensive array of health insurance plans, Humana provides coverage for mental health therapy. However, the extent of this coverage depends on the specifics of your plan and other influencing factors. Humana’s coverage typically includes a range of therapeutic services, such as counseling and psychotherapy, emphasizing the importance of mental health therapy.

To thoroughly understand your mental health therapy coverage and associated benefits with Humana, check your insurance today. We are here to assist you in navigating your mental health journey with clarity, ensuring you can leverage the support offered by your insurance plan to access the necessary therapeutic services for your well-being or that of your loved one.

Does Humana Cover EMDR Therapy in New England?

Humana provides coverage for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, a specialized psychotherapy aimed at alleviating distress linked to traumatic memories. The extent of coverage depends on the particular plan. For precise and up-to-date information on coverage, treatment, and potential out-of-pocket expenses for EMDR therapy in New England, call (844) 326-4514.

Other Rehab Treatment Programs Covered by Humana in New England

Humana incorporates coverage for diverse rehabilitation treatment programs. To make well-informed decisions about your treatment journey, it’s essential to grasp the distinct rehabilitation options covered by Humana. In the following sections, we present comprehensive insights into specific facets of Humana rehab coverage in New England, assisting those seeking recovery and overall well-being.

Coverage for Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs)

PHPs provide intensive therapeutic support during the day, with individuals returning home in the evenings, which is part of Humana’s commitment to comprehensive treatment. Typically covering these programs, Humana ensures inclusive therapy sessions, medications, relapse prevention strategies, and various other interventions aimed at recovery and sustainable sobriety.

Coverage for Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)

Structured IOPs offer a higher level of support than traditional services and cater to those not requiring 24/7 inpatient care but in need of intensive therapy. Humana generally extends coverage to these programs, fostering a flexible yet comprehensive approach to mental health and substance abuse treatment, encompassing therapy sessions, group counseling, medication management, and other interventions.

Coverage for Evidence-Based Therapy Treatments

Rooted in scientific research, evidence-based therapy treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) involve proven interventions conducted by qualified therapists. Humana typically includes coverage for these evidence-based therapies, recognizing their efficacy in addressing mental health and substance abuse concerns.

Coverage for Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation, offering a comprehensive residential treatment program with 24/7 care and support, is suitable for individuals requiring a structured, immersive environment for severe mental health or substance abuse issues. Humana usually provides coverage for inpatient rehab, encompassing room and board, therapy sessions, medical monitoring, and other necessary interventions.

As coverage levels may differ based on the specific Humana plan, it is advisable to review your plan details or contact us for a thorough understanding of your coverage, along with potential out-of-pocket expenses related to these rehab treatment programs. We can also provide information about our accredited treatment programs and their applicability to your or your loved one’s needs, ensuring informed decisions about treatment while utilizing the available support through your Humana Insurance benefits.

Rehab Center in New England That Accepts Humana

Our commitment is unwavering as we accompany you on the path to sobriety and well-being, supporting you through the detoxification process to outpatient care. Our modern facility offers a tranquil, private setting for overcoming drug or alcohol addiction while concurrently addressing other mental health issues. We integrate innovative clinical methods and evidence-based techniques as integral elements of our holistic approach.

To embark on your journey to recovery or gather more details, call (844) 326-4514 or visit our accredited treatment facility at the address below. We accept insurance, aiming to ensure that your route to healing is as accessible as can be:

How Much is Rehab in New England With Humana Insurance?

The expenses linked to rehabilitation in New England can vary significantly, influenced by factors such as the type of treatment, location, and the Humana insurance plan. Without insurance, psychotherapy sessions typically range between $100 and $200 per hour.8 Additionally, those seeking outpatient care in Massachusetts can expect an average cost of approximately $1,703.9

We recommend thoroughly reviewing your policy documents or calling (844) 326-4514. We’re here to assist you in fully grasping your Humana rehab coverage in New England, as the figures provided above are mere averages. Engaging with our helpful staff members, who can clarify cost details tailored to your specific treatment needs, can instill the necessary confidence and security. Alternatively, you can check your insurance details via our convenient, no-obligation, and confidential online form.

How To Check Humana Coverage Levels for Rehab Treatment

Kindly complete our digital form to assess your eligibility and the scope of Humana rehab coverage in New England. Our committed team will promptly communicate with your insurance provider, guaranteeing a confidential process. Upon verification, we will reach out to you to delve into your policy specifics and assist you in navigating the next steps.

To discover New England rehab centers that take Humana, call (844) 326-4514 or utilize our online form through the following link:

How To Get Humana to Pay for Rehab Treatment in New England

The initial step involves gaining a comprehensive understanding of your benefits documentation. For the most up-to-date details, call (844) 326-4514. To maximize the benefits of your Humana rehabilitation coverage, start by selecting rehabilitation centers within Humana’s network that align with your preferences. Next, obtain a referral from your primary care physician and, if necessary, provide pre-authorization details to Humana.

Ensure that the rehab facility you choose submits claims to Humana on your behalf. After completing your treatment, follow up with Humana to confirm claims processing and receive any owed reimbursements or coverage benefits. Remaining in-network with authorized providers and adhering to your recommended treatment plan will enhance the likelihood of Humana covering your rehabilitation treatment in New England.

How Many Times Will Humana Pay for Rehab?

Individual policies, treatment types, medical necessity, and various other factors determine the scope of Humana rehab coverage in New England. Humana generally covers services considered medically necessary, with details on the frequency and number of covered rehabilitation sessions often outlined in your insurance policy’s documentation.

For a more in-depth understanding, including information on the frequency and number of covered rehabilitation sessions, please contact (844) 326-4514. Engaging in discussions with both healthcare and insurance providers can provide further insights.

Addiction and Mental Health Statistics in New England

  • Pharmaceutical opioids are responsible for 23% of overdose deaths in Maine. Likely, a considerable number of individuals who fall victim to illicit drugs started their addiction journey with prescription opioids, either by using their own prescriptions or those of their friends and family members.10
  • There is a growing presence of animal tranquilizers in street drugs across New England.11
  • Drug abuse problems in New England states are consistently rated as some of the worst in the nation.12
  • Health New England is proactively addressing the mental health crisis and opioid epidemic in western Massachusetts by providing grants of $100,000 to eligible non-profit organizations.13
  • Among the New England states, New Hampshire has the lowest prevalence of children having private insurance and lacking mental health coverage for mental or emotional issues (2.0%). Following closely, Massachusetts secures the second spot at 3.6%, with Vermont in third at 4%. In contrast, the national average is 8.1%.14
  • 7% of 70,000 New Hampshire adults did not receive needed mental health care due to cost.15
  • Vermont claims the top spot for the highest percentage of heavy drinkers, reaching 8.28%. Vermont also maintains a relatively low ranking in DUI incidents, standing at #36. Maine secures the third position among states with the highest drinking rates, with Massachusetts closely following in eighth place and New Hampshire in ninth. Rhode Island ranks 24th, while Connecticut holds the 32nd position in this evaluation.16
  • The emergence of illicit fentanyl caused a spike in synthetic opioid fatalities in New England between 2013 and 2015.17
  • In Massachusetts, recent statistics show a rise in opioid use and overdoses among women, but fewer women are seeking addiction treatment.18
  • Amid the closure of mental health programs throughout Maine, the University of New England is making efforts to tackle the mental health crisis. Thanks to substantial financial backing from the Judy Glickman Lauder Foundation, UNE intends to introduce a groundbreaking Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) program to strengthen the state’s behavioral health workforce.19

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