Motherhood And Addiction – When Busy Moms Struggle With Substance Abuse

Motherhood can be downright relenting and busy. Juggling around-the-clock caregiving with life’s other responsibilities can be downright overwhelming. Unfortunately, for some women, relief from these challenges comes in the form of alcohol or drugs.

Women struggling with addiction is a growing problem. While there are still more men with drug and alcohol problems, researchers have found that women tend to progress more quickly from using an addictive substance to dependence. They are also more likely to suffer relapse.

Talking About Addiction and Motherhood

Although the topic of mothers and addiction is more openly discussed now than it used to be, it is still somewhat taboo for many. Many people still believe in the stereotype of the perfect mother who cooks, cleans, and takes care of her husband and children, while still having time to manage a successful career. Yet, the reality is that no woman can do it all.

No mother plans on becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, but the problem of substance abuse can quickly take hold and be surprisingly difficult to treat alone. For many women who find themselves battling addiction, a treatment program is a must for overcoming the substance abuse and for sustaining recovery.

Do You Struggle With Substance Abuse?

It’s simply a fact that addiction can sneak up on women who are busy with the day-to-day activities of taking care of a family.

Are you concerned that you may have a problem? Here are a few signs that may indicate that you need help:

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed, depressed or afraid to discuss your feelings.
  • You’re hiding alcohol or drugs from children or other family members.
  • Your marriage or relationship has been negatively impacted by your drug or alcohol use.
  • Your children have seen you drunk, high or passed out.
  • You’re increasingly concerned that something isn’t right.
  • You are no longer enjoying the activities that used to bring you joy.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask for Help as a Mother

If you’re a mother who suspects that she may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you may be fearful to ask for help. It may seem impossible to take a break for treatment, yet the reality is that treatment is the best gift you can give yourself and your family. And, the sooner you start treatment, the faster you will be on your journey of recovery.

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