What Are Drug Dreams?

Recovering drug addicts and alcoholics often experience reoccurring dreams pertaining to their substance of choice. Though this prospect may be troubling to those new to the recovery process, it is important to understand that this phenomenon is not significant in terms of future relapse. By gaining a better understanding of how the mind reacts to rehabilitation, recovering addicts gain strength in the fight against triggers, cravings and relapse.

Drug Dreams During Recovery

Even when a patient has shown considerable progress in rehabilitation, their subconscious may still be fixated on the addiction at hand. The conscious mind of a recovering alcoholic will often understand the consequences associated with “just one drink”. However, when the individual falls asleep, their subconscious may bring forth vivid depictions of drinking and excess consumption. More often than not, drug dreams during recovery are often due to an individual’s subconscious working through the recovery process.

The Effects Of Addiction

Though drug dreams are essentially harmless, the impact may cause patients to believe that they have actually consumed or are in possession or their favorite substance. These dreams can often be so vivid that addicts convince themselves that there is no hope – the recovery is simply out of reach. It is important for addicts to understand that this experience is simply one of the many effects of addiction. Patients who experience drug dreams often benefit from speaking with a therapist or counselor who can help identify and tackle specific triggers.

Drug Dream Prevention Techniques

Though common, not every addict will experience drug dreams. Prevention techniques can be utilized to minimize the risk while simultaneously benefiting the recovery process. By eliminating drug dreams, those in recovery may remove some of the temptations brought forth by the subconscious mind. Follow these suggestions:

  • Speak with your drug and alcohol treatment counselor. Discussing the dream will help patients digest the situation while identifying triggers that may prove troublesome down the road.
  • Attend a 12-step meeting.
  • Exercise before bed. This will help reduce the ability of your subconscious to enter a dream state.

Drug And Alcohol Treatment

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