Is It Possible To Speed Up Recovery?

You’re thinking about finally getting the help you need for your addiction. Whether you’re using drugs or alcohol, you don’t want the process of recovery to take longer than it should. Yet, taking a “quick” approach to recovery may not provide the results you want over the long-term.

The Problems with Quick Recovery

It would be great if there were a magic wand that would take all of your troubles away and make sobriety easy and pain-free. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. It took time for you to become addicted, and it will also take time to work your way through the critical first step of detox, and then maintain sobriety thereafter.

Along with breaking the initial habit of using, successful recovery hinges on understanding why the addiction happened in the first place and how you can avoid triggers to use in the future. There may be people or situations in your life that are unhealthy. You may have an underlying mental illness, such as depression or bipolar disorder, which has caused you to self-medicate. Without properly addressing these problems, the likelihood that you will have a relapse is extremely high.

A More Effective and Safer Approach to Detox and Recovery

While it’s not possible to just skip past any unpleasantness that comes with detox and recovery, the good news is advances in treatment have made it far more comfortable than the days when the only option was “cold turkey.”

It is possible to maximize an individual’s progress and minimize the pain and symptoms associated with detox. A professional detoxification program to rid your body of drugs or alcohol while being surrounded by addiction professionals who can help you through the process gives you a strong, early foundation for long-term recovery. You can also take advantage of medications and holistic treatments that have been proven to help ease symptoms and cravings. Holistic treatments can include meditation, yoga, nutrition and massage.

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