Office-Based Addiction Treatment

Everyone’s experience with addiction differs slightly, and the ideal form of addiction treatment will depend on your personal experience with drug abuse and dependence, as well as where in the recovery process you are.

Personal willingness, lifestyle factors, and financial and career restraints impact the choices that many people make during recovery. While some pursue inpatient rehabilitation, this doesn’t seem like a realistic option for others. Some also have trouble accepting the 12-step model used in self-help groups. That doesn’t mean they aren’t just as hopeful, willing and ready to change as the rest—for some people, office-based outpatient treatment is the most successful treatment model available.

What is Office-Based Treatment?

Office-based therapy is an alternative to some of the most common recovery programs. This form of therapy often uses an integrated approach to address substance abuse and offers proven strategies to help people make significant changes in their life as they enter or progress through recovery.

This form of therapy is not talked about as often as other recovery programs. The frequency of treatment sessions is agreed upon at the onset of therapy, and those in this type of program are able to return home and maintain their career while getting the treatment they need to overcome addiction.

Office-based therapy is often best for:

  • Those who refuse to participate in the 12-step model due to religious undertones.
  • Those who have high-profile or demanding careers and cannot leave work for inpatient rehabilitation.
  • Those seeking combined therapy for substance abuse and underlying mental health concerns like anxiety or depression.
  • Those who have tried other addiction recovery programs before without success.
  • Those who are concerned about substance abuse, but are not classified as yet having a problem. This would include “problem drinkers.”
  • Those who are concerned about absolute privacy and do not feel comfortable in group settings.
  • Those who have used 12-step programs or inpatient rehabilitative services and are looking for additional support.

Office-based treatment is a valuable alternative to traditional recovery therapy for many people. If you choose to obtain office-based therapy during your recovery program, make sure you are speaking with an addiction specialist.

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