Why Speaking To Your Children Is The Best Way To Help Them Beat The Odds Of Addiction

If you’re like most parents, you make every effort possible to protect your children from everyday dangers. Yet, you might not be doing enough to prevent them from one of the most common risks that plague teens – drug and alcohol abuse.

While it comes as second nature to tell a child to wear a helmet when they ride their bike or to always buckle their seatbelt in the car, it’s often not so simple to have a discussion about drugs or alcohol. Yet, the conversation needs to start early enough so that they’re not getting information from their less-informed peers and needs to continue throughout their adolescence. It’s simply a fact that teens who don’t receive information about the dangers of drugs and alcohol are more likely to experiment with them at a younger age.

How To Talk To Your Child At Different Ages To Combat The Chances Of Addiction

Starting Early

Conversations about drugs and alcohol can start at an early age if the discussion is age-appropriate. These can begin with discussing medicine and when it should and shouldn’t be taken. It’s also beneficial to point out examples in the media such as someone smoking or drinking.

The Tween Years

As children gain increasing independence toward the end of elementary school and the start of middle school, they are already hearing stories from their friends about drugs or alcohol. This is primetime for welcoming open discussion, and it’s important to be there to listen whenever they want to talk. From these chats, you’ll gain insight into their thoughts and feelings, as well as the opportunity to provide more information about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

High School And Beyond

Drugs and alcohol can be found at nearly every high school across the United States. However, teens and young adults are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to discussing sensitive topics. Still, it’s important to stress that you’re always available when they want to talk. Preventing teenage drug use when kids are young requires ongoing communication and an atmosphere of trust. The dialog needs to start at a young age and carry on throughout childhood.

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