Summit Behavioral Health Reinvents Approach to Substance Abuse Recovery

PRINCETON, N.J. – In an innovative approach to chemical dependency recovery, Summit Behavioral Health offers intensive and non-intensive programs that are individually tailored to fit clients’ needs without disrupting their daily responsibilities. The programs include a variety of different treatment options and flexible scheduling including daytime, evening and weekend hours to treat alcohol, cocaine, prescription drug and opiate dependency.

“No single treatment philosophy or approach is best for everyone who seeks professional help for an alcohol or drug problem. In our view, treatment must be motivational – not confrontational – and individually tailored rather than boilerplate,” said Arnold M. Washton, Ph.D., an addiction psychologist and clinical director and co-founder at Summit Behavioral Health.

“As concerned citizens and activists, we got tired of watching people lose their battle with the disease of addiction, and through our efforts, it became apparent that there is a lack of quality treatment programs available to individuals. We designed our programs to treat the whole person – including addressing the underlying causes of addiction; treating the physical, psychological and emotional issues; and following-up with the support necessary for successful recovery,” said Thomas D. Allen, Jr., executive director and co-founder of Summit Behavioral Health. Allen has years of experience helping those with substance abuse addictions, and the inspiration for Summit Behavioral Health stems from Allen’s own struggles with substance abuse and his involvement in developing and managing other high quality treatment programs.

Summit Behavioral Health guides clients through a recovery process aimed at improving their coping skills and psychosocial functioning while helping them abstain from alcohol and other psychoactive substances.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides a high level of structure and support for clients in the early stages of treatment
  • Relapse Prevention Program (RPP) helps clients who have completed primary treatment and want to reduce their potential for relapse
  • Advanced Recovery Program (ARP) is designed for clients who want to further solidify their recovery and work through emotional/psychological issues related to their substance use

Licensed by the State of New Jersey Division of Addiction Services (DAS), Summit Behavioral Health also provides referral for medication, detox and/or inpatient rehabilitation facilities, as well as family education and counseling, treatment for anxiety and depression and urine testing.

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