Learning How to Move On During Addiction Treatment

If you’ve begun an addiction treatment program in Princeton Junction, you’ve taken a big step toward changing your life for the better. But the road ahead will require some dedicated effort on your part. Relapse is an ever-present fear during substance abuse treatment, making it important to develop specific strategies to help you minimize your chances of returning to alcohol and drug use.

To stay on the right track, you’ll need to change many things about the lifestyle you were leading before entering addiction treatment. This includes, among other things, changing how you spend your free time and the people you spend time with. Although this does not usually require to cut off contact with all friends and family or discard all possessions, there will no doubt be certain people, places and things that you would be well advised to avoid during your treatment and ongoing recovery.

Ready to start building a relapse prevention strategy that works? Start by:

Getting Rid Of Drug-Related Items

Regardless of your drug of choice, you likely still own many things that you associate with drug use. You’ll need to rid yourself (of course) of any remaining drugs supplies, as well as anything used to prepare or administer the drugs you used.

You will also need to dispose of strong reminders of “triggers” of your prior alcohol/drug use. For example, cocaine users with a strong connection between drug use and sex may need to cut off their access to pornography and get rid of contact information for escort services.

When doing a clean sweep for drug-related items, it is best to have the help of trusted others who can help prevent your temptation to hold on to a few treasured items or to use just one last time. Remember to make every single drug-related item permanently inaccessible—drugs can be flushed down the toilet and paraphernalia can be smashed and thrown away, ideally as far away from you as possible. Do not give or sell any of your drugs or paraphernalia to friends.

Avoiding Users And Suppliers

When you continue to associate with drug users and dealers, it will be very difficult to remain abstinent. Although some feel that personal willpower and determination is strong enough to spend time with others who use, it is best not to test yourself. You should rid yourself of phone numbers for dealers and drug-related contacts—all outstanding debts should be paid immediately through an intermediary to bring an immediate end to the contact.

If you often used with a significant other, coworker, family member or close friend, it may not be so simple to completely cut off contact. These relationships can make recovery more difficult, but ending them isn’t always an option. Because navigating this treacherous terrain can be tricky, it’s best to ask your addiction specialist for strategies to negotiate compromises with these individuals, such as not bringing drugs into your home.

Now that you’ve started addiction treatment in Princeton Junction, it’s time to let go of the habits that filled your past and focus on fostering a healthy future. If you need any help in ridding yourself of drug-related items or contacts, don’t hesitate to seek your addiction specialist’s guidance.

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