Are Cigarettes a Gateway Drug?

While most parents are very concerned about their teenage children using alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs, there is often less of a concern about cigarettes. Yet, research has shown that teens who smoke cigarettes have a much higher risk of abusing drugs and alcohol. This is leading to greater acceptance of the concept of cigarettes […]

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Your Abstinence Action Plan

If you struggle with drug abuse, a time may come when you feel ready to quit. Often this happens after drug-related behavior results in serious consequences, and you determine, with all the best intentions, to leave a life of drug use behind for good. This is an important mental change, and one that can mean […]

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Abstinence Is the Most Effective Strategy in Substance Use Treatment

While anything done to reduce drug use can be a step in the right direction, complete abstinence is considered the safest and most effective strategy during addiction treatment in Princeton Junction, whether your addiction involves alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, opioid painkillers, and/or other prescription drugs. Attempts to control use instead of stopping completely are rarely successful […]

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